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Created 11 Sep 2020
  • Improve 100x.
    30 Apr 2022 8 1
    Hi friend, It’s been a rather weird week. It started with me getting a bit under the weather. Then telling my grandma: “You don’t get it, I don’t get fever. I only get fever once in a few years. It’s ...
  • I Burst My Eye Blood Vessels
    23 Apr 2022 15 3
    Hi friend, I type this on Friday, 8 days after my surgery when I’m cleared to work a bit. But I’m not entirely comfortable with over an hour of laptop time yet. So since the newsletter takes 40min, he...
  • You Should Experience This at Least Once in Your Life
    17 Apr 2022 11 2
    Hi friend, By the time you read this, I’m probably under-recovery from getting LASIK done. I’m typing this on Tuesday. My LASIK has got postponed from Wednesday to Thursday. So here I am, typing away....
  • I’m Getting LASIK Done!
    09 Apr 2022 10 11
    Hi friend, I write this newsletter again on a Saturday morning after I spent an hour in the morning talking to a writer friend from the States, finished an uninteresting book with a gorgeous cover :/,...
  • You Make More Money Than You Need
    01 Apr 2022 9 0
    Hi friend, I have a lot of thoughts this time. And a surprise for a few of you, in the end. No, don’t scroll in a hurry! Also, on April 02, I complete a year of handing in my resignation. I know I wri...
  • A Short Read (For a Change)
    27 Mar 2022 8 0
    Hi friend, Today’s newsletter won’t be too long. I should probably alternate between long and short ones, right? But often I have way too much to say and it becomes a long essay. We have over 100 new ...
  • This is Something I've Never Spoken About Before
    19 Mar 2022 13 3
    Hi friend, I’m sitting right now with my morning coffee on a Saturday morning. I’ve already done my chanting and meditation but physiotherapy and yoga are left. Today I want to talk to you about somet...
  • These 4 Concepts Will Improve Your Quality of Life
    12 Mar 2022 6 4
    Hi friends, I’m having such a lovely week. After Summit 21 ended, I feel so relaxed and at ease. I feel the previous two were too back-to-back and had me super busy. Luckily, the next one is way ahead...
  • I went viral (Again)
    05 Mar 2022 10 1
    Hi friend, Yes, I did go viral again on LinkedIn this week with a million something views. But this post isn’t about that because while I’m grateful for it, it no longer defines or validates me. It’s ...
  • Re-strategising a Few Things
    27 Feb 2022 5 0
    Hi friends, I hope you’re doing well. I’ve had a very balanced week for the longest time. I’d like to give credit to the Stoicism course I’m doing that makes me snap into the present and makes me real...
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