Ernesto Aguilar
A newsletter about Latino/a, Latine, Latinx audiences and public radio and public television (aka public media)
Created 25 Jul 2019
  • Four lessons from KQED's Latinx audience study
    01 Apr 2022
    We in public media spend lots of time considering the ways we might meet the needs of diverse audiences. We test-fly many interesting initiatives. And when we talk to Latino/a/e/x audiences about thei...
  • Activism, journalism y la verdad
    18 Mar 2022
    While the conversation about Latino/a/e/x service is interesting – Nieman Lab posted an interview yesterday with Irene Romulo that focused on that – Cicero Independiente’s most provocative element may...
  • DEI in public radio/TV faces some core problems
    04 Mar 2022
    Since the murder of George Floyd, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has been a focus in public media. From NPR to big and small stations to industry groups and conferences, DEI has been a centerpi...
  • Are Latinos the way to digital transformation?
    18 Feb 2022
    The emergence of the Internet, content streaming and social media have remade journalism worldwide. And digital transformation has been on public media’s radar for many years. The pace has slow, at ti...
  • Who is this audience anyway?
    04 Feb 2022
    Public media has long dreamed of appealing to Latino/a/e/x audiences. For years, Hispanic audience development has been the subject of debate. In some cases, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting an...
  • Paola Marizan creates unapologetic bilingual content
    21 Jan 2022
    One of the greatest threats to public media is a crisis of imagination. How do we envision our future? How do we interrogate our past to ensure a better tomorrow? How do we bring fresh thinking to all...
  • That time we changed the sound
    07 Jan 2022
    A decade ago, L.A. public media's KPCC established new audience outreach. Attracting Latino/a/e/x listeners was a cornerstone of this campaign. Is it time to revisit the experience? It might be helpfu...
  • Kassidy Arena and the Latino/a/e/x Midwest
    10 Dec 2021
    It is impossible to not be inspired by Kassidy Arena. Raised in Omaha, Neb., she has a life Hispanics who grew up in the Midwest (and elsewhere) can identify with. As Grace Lee said in the last newsle...
  • Grace Lee on diversity and PBS
    26 Nov 2021
    Public television is an enigma in the public media ecosystem. It receives nearly 70 percent of CPB’s annual funding. Yet PBS’ flagship programming has a relatively tiny audience. Similarly, as DEI bec...
  • Seeing opportunity at the Latin Grammys
    12 Nov 2021
    Public radio and television can discover a lot about Hispanic engagement. Not only by listening, but from other media endeavors. The New York Times’ strategy for the 2021 Latin Grammys offers one such...
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