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Call it football, call it soccer, call it whatever you want. We're trying our best to use stats, tactics and other lenses to understand this beautifully opaque sport.
Created 17 Apr 2020
  • Women's Euro 2022: Why Italy can pack a punch (guest post)
    05 Jul 2022about 19 hours ago
    Hi everyone, Grace here. Here are two all-too-rare things from this newsletter: an article not from me and an article on women’s football. It’s a subject where I really feel experts do a much better j...
  • Mailbag: Intra-top six transfers, Gerrard, top six challenges and more!
    01 Jul 2022 17 12
    Edit: a previous version of this article forgot to list Man Utd in the first question. That was a case of me being very stupid and forgetful. I’ve added them now. Hi everyone, and thanks for yet more ...
  • Mailbag: ask your questions now!
    27 Jun 2022 14 17
    Hello everyone, and a special shout out to those of you who subscribed recently. I’m doing another mailbag. Ask me questions either by replying to this email or in the comments of this post on Substac...
  • Can Manchester United make this revolution stick?
    25 Jun 2022 48 4
    Manchester United’s behind-the-scenes operation looks very different now compared to eighteen months ago. Executive Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward announced his departure in April 2021, even if it took ano...
  • Why are Liverpool signing Darwin Núñez?
    17 Jun 2022 20 6
    The thing about Twitter is that it’s very easy to talk a lot of shit on there. Let’s take something I said about two weeks ago: “I've been wrong before and I'll be wrong again. But I'd be very surpris...
  • Have Mbappé and Haaland changed the course of European football?
    07 Jun 2022 11 1
    I’m away right now, so this is the last article you’re getting until I get back next week. For now, though, enjoy this one. On one hand, it’s as we were. Real Madrid, the definition of history and pre...
  • How it Happened: the Champions League final
    31 May 2022 28 14
    In the end, the script was just as most would’ve written it. Liverpool had more possession and more chances. Liverpool were dominating the game throughout the 90 minutes. But as they have done time an...
  • My Premier League team of the season
    24 May 2022 30 5
    Ok, another Premier League season down. Congratulations to Manchester City, commiserations to Burnley, Watford and Norwich. Before we move on to look forward, let’s review what I feel is the team of t...
  • What's up with Mohamed Salah?
    17 May 2022 11 2
    Sometimes people don’t like to accept that footballers have natural fluctuations in form. Just a few months ago, it was accepted as fact that Mohamed Salah was playing the best football of his career....
  • Erling Haaland to Man City: how does it go?
    13 May 2022 18 1
    So, barring any very last-minute shock change of heart, Erling Haaland will be a Manchester City player next season. It’s not exactly a surprise. We all thought this would be the destination for a lit...
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