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Call it football, call it soccer, call it whatever you want. We're trying our best to use stats, tactics and other lenses to understand this beautifully opaque sport.
Created 17 Apr 2020
  • A year out, how are the World Cup contenders shaping up?
    19 Nov 2021 • < 1 min read • 3 0
    Yes, it’s far too early. Yes, a hell of a lot of football still needs to be played. But we have ourselves the ten automatic qualifiers from Europe. Some good sides in the playoffs might still do somet...
  • Can Trent Alexander-Arnold and England make it work?
    14 Nov 2021 • 6 min read • 18 1
    It wasn’t always like this. As strange as it seems today, Gareth Southgate was an early advocate for Trent Alexander-Arnold. The right back’s big breakout season came in 2017/18, particularly the seco...
  • The Question: which ex-player surprised you as a manager?
    10 Nov 2021 • < 1 min read • 55 21
    Hi everyone, and welcome to a new feature. Here I’ll be asking you how you feel about various football issues, and hopefully we can discuss these in a way that feels a bit less destructive than it doe...
  • Xavi finally gets the keys to the Tardis
    09 Nov 2021 • < 1 min read • 12 0
    Xavi Hernández made his La Liga debut for Barcelona on the 3rd October 1998. The manager was Louis van Gaal. Since then, the club have made 12 managerial appointments. Of those 12 men, six had playing...
  • Antonio Conte, welcome to Tottenham Hotspur
    04 Nov 2021 • 6 min read • 19 0
    Now, I had initially planned to write about Xavi returning to Barcelona here, but that deal just won’t go through yet. If it happens soon, I’ll write about it as my next article for paid subscribers. ...
  • What's going on with Harry Kane?
    30 Oct 2021 • < 1 min read • 11 0
    It feels like an endless conversation in certain circles. Is Harry Kane broken? Is he just going through a rough patch and he’ll be back to his best in no time? Is this the start of him slowing down a...
  • Can Newcastle do a Man City?
    25 Oct 2021 • 4 min read • 16 0
    Hi, everyone. This article primarily thinks of the Newcastle takeover as a football story. I’m certainly not someone who thinks we should just stick to football and leave everything else at the door, ...
  • A nerdy look at Chelsea’s xG discrepancy
    20 Oct 2021 • < 1 min read • 17 4
    As ever, there are two realities. Let’s call them “Normal World” and “Nerd World”. In Normal World, Chelsea are flying. The scrappy 1-0 victory over Brentford was the classic Sign Of A Good Team: winn...
  • Jadon Sancho is struggling, but he can still transform Man Utd
    15 Oct 2021 • 7 min read • 21 0
    Jadon Sancho is very good at football. I want to state that upfront. We can argue all day about the so-called “Bundesliga tax”, but even his biggest sceptics would surely agree he’s better than what w...
  • Mailbag: Salah, Leeds, West Ham and more!
    09 Oct 2021 • < 1 min read • 16 0
    Hi everyone, Really enjoyed this set of questions. I’ve answered some that I felt I could say interesting things about, but the standard was once again outstanding, and it’s truly a delight to see peo...
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