Oscar Schwartz
Short essays about writing, books, and other things.
Created 11 Mar 2020
  • On being installed
    03 Jul 2022 4 2
    Thanks for reading. Share this if you want to. Share The other day I remembered an ancient Egyptian proverb I once read somewhere. “We all die twice. First when we stop breathing and then again, a bit...
  • On the man from gym
    19 Jun 2022 6 1
    He wears the same outfit every time. Light blue t-shirt. Grey shorts. Light blue Nike runners. Ankle socks. His clothes are tight-fitting. His chest and thighs could be described as “bursting out”. He...
  • On resisting Eckhart Tolle
    13 Jun 2022 5 0
    She told me she spent the day walking along a river while listening to an Eckhart Tolle audio book. “The Power of Now?” I asked. “No, the other one,” she replied. I didn’t know any other ones. It was ...
  • On small talk
    10 Apr 2022 7 0
    Sam and Anna meet on the sidewalk in front of their apartment building. Sam is coming home. Anna is on the way out. It's strange because over breakfast Sam told Anna that he would be home all day, whi...
  • On domination
    20 Mar 2022 5 0
    I’m sorry but I’m going to write about my cat again. Last time I concluded that if I could just improve myself, become a more generous interpreter of his needs, respect his boundaries, then we could c...
  • On lunch
    12 Mar 2022 4 0
    “We need some more bread,” the man at the pasta shop shouted at his wife. They sell many varieties of fresh pasta throughout the week, and on Thursdays and Fridays they offer a pasta lunch, very popul...
  • On imaginary cricket
    20 Feb 2022 4 0
    In the news agency at the airport there was a makeshift bookshelf. It was made from red cardboard. On each row sat a white, hardcover book. On the front of the book there was a portrait of the General...
  • On poetic form
    13 Feb 2022 6 0
    At two o’clock on a hot day I was standing on Smith Street trying to decide what to have for lunch, or rather standing on the corner of Smith Street and Johnson Street, where the framing shop is, when...
  • On city beaches
    30 Jan 2022 3 0
    The beaches I enjoy most are city beaches. Where you can run your hands through the sand and pull out a chip packet. Or you are wading waste deep in the water watching a container ship head towards th...
  • On explusion
    23 Jan 2022 2 0
    The morning Novak Djokovic was expelled from Australia we ran out of toilet paper at the studio where I work. I walked to the supermarket to buy some. Smith Street was quiet. A tall man wearing a broa...
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