Patrick McNerthney
Created 03 Nov 2020
Engaging irreverence, indelicate humor, occasionally casting a point.

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Badminton: What You Don’t Know Could Literally Murder Your Face
06 Apr 2022 1 1
The arrival of spring begats high pollen counts, winter rainstorms if one lives in the Pacific Northwest or Alaska, and the annual “Raising of the Backyard Badminton Net,” celebrated every April 9th a...
Letting Go of Sports Trauma Likely Makes Room for More Sports Trauma
30 Mar 2022 1 2
We throw around accusations of compartmentalization all the time now, mostly to point out people are likely doing it to: (a.) survive the remaining seven weeks of winter around these parts (despite va...
Don't Worry, There's Always Ira Glass
16 Mar 2022 3
Contrary to popular belief and long lines of ex-spouses looking for certain members of this office – his name is Karl, he’s in the IT department, and he’s a total louse – to finally make good on 122 m...
Beware of Physics and Esprit de Corps
09 Mar 2022 2
The original conversation went something like this: Lieutenant: “He said he never makes mistakes, they’re just misunderstandings.” Chief: “What were you doing in the sewage pit in the first place?” Li...
Don Johnson May Be the Key to Bringing Jai Alai Back to Life
02 Mar 2022 2
The opening sequence to the ‘80s narcotics interdiction/buddy crime-noir drama Miami Vice featured some incredible guitar riffs, sweet bongo drum reverberations, flashy splashy neon-bathed images of M...

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