Patti Smith

Patti Smith
The reader is my notebook
Created 28 Feb 2021
  • The Melting 47
    06 Apr 2022 44 17
    My hands were tingling and the blood seemed to be rushing, circulating back to my heart. A sensation that was not painful, but strange, akin to physical and spatial acceleration. What was the footage ...
  • Slowly stopping by
    05 Apr 2022 182 194
  • April Fool's Message
    02 Apr 2022 169 258
  • Saying hello and a poem
    01 Apr 2022 199 158
    Like a clamorous flock of startled birds, All my memories swoop upon me, Swoop among the yellow foliage Of my heart, watching its bent alder-trunk In the purple foil of the waters of Regret That flow ...
  • The Melting 46
    30 Mar 2022 103 44
    I made my way through the labyrinthine forest. A particular forest, where paths led to a multitude of ends that were not dead, but rewinding; where the mind never ceases to circumfuse. The abstract se...
  • Reading for you
    29 Mar 2022 234 80
    Virginia in the Garden of Monks House
  • A postscript to subscribers
    28 Mar 2022 106 58
    As requested here are the books I was going to mention before Cairo pulled the plug. Read more
  • A message to my subscribers
    27 Mar 2022 141 84
    Hello everybody, I tried to film you a message but it was highjacked in both beginning and ending by Cairo. Oh well. It was pretty bad anyway. I will send you a better one tomorrow. Meanwhile, I have ...
  • A late night poem
    23 Mar 2022 186 98
    Sylvia Plath writing by the sea Read more
  • A late night poem
    22 Mar 2022 154 35
    Good evening my subscribers Today was World Poetry Day, a day almost done. But first, a late night poem by the melancholy Paul Verlaine. There is much to be said of him, but tonight just his words. He...
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