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This is a public notebook of the stuff I've been reading, thinking, and publishing recently.
Created 28 Nov 2021
  • *New* New Atheism is Actually Kind of an Improvement on Old New Atheism
    03 Apr 2022 1 0
    I’ve found myself thinking more and more that some of the people most intent on marketing themselves as “exvangelicals”—the people for whom not being evangelical anymore is at least a part-time job—gi...
  • Why Is Everybody Lifting Weights All of a Sudden: Some Guesses
    28 Mar 2022 2 3
    I have a vague impression that people in my various social circles are taking up serious weight lifting as a hobby and life practice. In particular, a) nerds and b) leftists seem to be getting into it...
  • Family Day
    28 Mar 2022 6 0
    Today is the gala event of the year, the greatest public celebration of artists that I know of. By which I mean, of course, the annual Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP) Family Day celebration at U o...
  • Monogamy Is Dead. Introducing Monogamy2.0
    15 Mar 2022 4 2
    Last night some friends and I were shittalking this silly but harmless article, in which the author attempts to introduce “Radical Monogamy.” The author rather artlessly gives away the real impetus be...
  • Interview With Adam Roberts
    07 Mar 2022 5 0
    Adam Roberts is, in my considered opinion, the coolest fucking guy. He’s a science fiction writer, a literary critic, a parodist, a university professor, the editor of the most up-to-date scholarly ed...
  • A Film That Exists Only To Make Zack Snyder Look Like David Lean: THE BATMAN
    04 Mar 2022 5 0
    Wow, The Batman was really terrible, and the reviews I’ve seen so far are way too nice. I wonder whether the film, and some other insufficiently-panned recent superhero films, is being helped in a way...
  • New piece, Left Anchor appearance
    02 Mar 2022
    My conversation about the book with Ryan and Alexi of Left Anchor is up (there’s a preview here). I just adore those guys. Also have a new piece in the music-themed issue of Plough that just went up. ...
  • Talk Talk Talk
    24 Feb 2022 4 0
    To have a private life, a set of everyday concerns and obsessions and relationships that dominates one’s attention most of the time, while over there—or even not so far away—History eats, as it always...
  • Some Scattered Thoughts On Adam Roberts's Kickass New Novel, THE THIS
    23 Feb 2022 2 1
    Just finished it this morning. (Hoping to do an interview with Adam soon, in an unlocked post.) My overall reaction is that it rules. I’m not sure it’s dethroned The Thing Itself as my favorite of Rob...
  • KYE Appearance
    16 Feb 2022 1 0
    I talked to Matt Sitman of Know Your Enemy this week. We mostly focused on the fundamentalism essay in my book, which has one definite error and one possible error in it that I know of: —George Marsde...
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