the deacon of abysmal hope. not a financial advisor. definitely not investment advice.
Created 14 Dec 2021
  • agreed fiction
    03 Jul 2022
    My fellow retards, Law, money, religion and love are all agreed fictions. Actions in their name surely shape the world, but until elves prove an atomic-swap of love, or demonstrate the discrete value ...
  • appreciate
    02 Jul 2022
    My fellow retards, While bears and crabs fight for scraps—while chess grandmasters wage war over the board in Madrid—while the US threatens to tear itself apart over guns and abortions…phon/ongod woul...
  • loops
    01 Jul 2022
    My fellow retards, When the swordsman stands against his opponent, he is not to think of the opponent, nor of himself, nor of his enemy's sword movements. He just stands there with his sword which, re...
  • honnold's helmet
    30 Jun 2022
    My fellow retards, Feel your balls drop: What advice do you give to a man who is about to attempt the never-done? How do you set safety regulations for someone who feels safe untethered, dangling hund...
  • risk-off
    29 Jun 2022
    My fellow retards, “In death ground, fight.” -The Art of War, Sun Tzu When the chips are down, hesitation in the driver’s seat means death. In Basic Fighter Maneuvers, a defensive spiral is a last-dit...
  • risk off
    28 Jun 2022
    My fellow retards, Recently a number of elves have taken to the study of risk and the men who take it—the ones who put their lives on the line for things the herd cannot understand…is it the glory? Th...
  • phertilizer
    27 Jun 2022
    “If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” -some sociopath his head looks like a UFO Phon/ongod will say this for the aforemention...
  • light work
    26 Jun 2022
    My fellow retards, If you’re in the know, you should probably take a day off. Nature moves in cycles of frenzied survival and slow recovery. No amount of willpower can overcome the flow. Row against t...
  • driven
    25 Jun 2022
    My fellow retards, Phon/ongod has met many, many people in this world. This pheverdream focuses solely on those who aspire to greatness. Farmers and other simple-life-liver’s who pursue stability and ...
  • animals
    24 Jun 2022
    My fellow retards, Phonon is the GOAT. Phon/ongod appreciates how phrens have taken a liking to these incredible creatures. Though goats are admirable, they are probably not the most fitting represent...
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