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Created 01 Jun 2021
  • Letter to the White House
    08 Apr 2022 25 4
    [Dear Pitt Readers, here is a letter that perhaps you can send (or send its link) to your representatives, to the President (Contact Us), First Lady, Vice President, Second Gentleman, HHS (
  • Texan parent, trapped in the middle
    07 Apr 2022 79 51
    I am a progressive liberal Texan, and the mother of a socially transitioned (by everyone but her parents and grandparents) 17 year old who has been identifying as trans for almost 4 years. So, do I th...
  • A Letter to a School Administrator and Counselor from a Mom in the Trenches
    06 Apr 2022 58 16
    Dear Counselor and School Administrator: In recent conversations about gender inclusion at our school, I noticed some language around parents that troubled me, particularly the label "unsupportive" in...
  • School counselors should not be working outside their scope of practice - submit your comments to the ASCA
    05 Apr 2022 38 9
    The ASCA is inviting public input during their review of the updated ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors. Parents, please make your voices heard. Let the ASCA know what the scientific evidenc...
  • Dear Mr. Paxton
    04 Apr 2022 87 32
    Dear Mr. Paxton: As a parent of a child with rapid onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) in California, I was very pleased to see your opinion that gender medicine on minors falls within the statutory scheme ...
  • Sample Letter to Science Friday on NPR
    01 Apr 2022 57 31
    On March 4, Science Friday on National Public Radio featured a doctoral student who asserted that there is a "robust evidence base" for medically transitioning children. This purported expert presente...
  • Defining "Trans"
    31 Mar 2022 93 96
    Reposted, with permission from the author. Early text exchange with a recent client referral: “While I can’t deny her feelings, I’m not 100% sure on it.” “100% sure on what?” “That she is trans.” “Wha...
  • Michigan Clinic Offers Testosterone to 13-Year Old Girl at First Visit
    30 Mar 2022 46 31
    This is a transcript of a Partners for Ethical Care (PEC) parent story. The original version can be found here, and the podcast version can be found here, as part of PEC’s podcast series, “The Witness...
  • To help my son, it's time to rediscover myself
    29 Mar 2022 116 37
    I realized after spending two years of my life being turned upside down by my son declaring he was “trans” that I’m not ok. I’ve spent all my time reading and listening to everything I could get my ha...
  • Behind the Curtain: The Reality of Gender Transition in a Family
    28 Mar 2022 111 58
    I have heard it said repeatedly, ad nauseam:"As long as they are happy and being their true self…" This is what well-intentioned friends and acquaintances say when I drop the trans bomb in their laps—...
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