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Meta restores Trump
27 Jan 2023 10 3
“facebook logo on an open door, digital art” / DALL-E Two years after he was suspended for leading a violent insurrection against his own government, Donald Trump has regained access to Facebook and I...
Google's most serious antitrust challenge to date
25 Jan 2023 71 1
“a leg kicking the google logo like a soccer ball, digital art” / DALL-E Today let’s talk about a major new antitrust case against Google, and the increasing likelihood that something at the company i...
The consumer AI era has begun
24 Jan 2023 15
“cyberpunk illustration of a robot crossing a chasm” / DALL-E Today let’s talk about some significant developments in the race to build a big business in artificial intelligence, and some of the bigge...
The Supreme Court reckoning over content moderation is arriving
20 Jan 2023 8 5
“vaporwave portrait of a gavel on fire, digital art / DALL-E” Today, let’s talk about how tech giants are preparing for a coming showdown at the Supreme Court — and whether their latest arguments are ...
Extremely Hardcore: Our New York magazine cover story
18 Jan 2023 75 1
For the past several months, Platformer has covered every twist in the story of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, from his first day on the job to his increasingly risky ideas to save the business. And...

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