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Created 06 May 2018
  • Should We Brace For Higher Unemployment?
    01 Jul 2022 28 1
    To investors, The unemployment rate in the United States is sitting near historic lows. This is impressive, especially post-COVID chaos, because it took nearly a decade to reach the ~3.5% unemployment...
  • Howard Marks, Cognitive Economics, and Bitcoin
    30 Jun 2022 9 0
    To investors, The legendary Howard Marks, of Oaktree Capital, was recently interviewed by Patrick Schotanus, of Edinburgh Business School, on the subject of cognitive economics at the Panmure House, w...
  • Bitcoin is a hedge for loose policy, not inflation?
    29 Jun 2022 52 6
    To investors, The number one question I am being asked right now by many of you is related to bitcoin as an inflation hedge asset. I thought it would be interesting to present a nuanced response from ...
  • Disclosure Requirements & Regulation Is Coming
    28 Jun 2022 11 0
    To investors, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler was on national television yesterday to talk about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. As in previous appearances, Gensler showed a solid command of the industry, alo...
  • G7 Bans Gold From Russia - Does It Matter?
    27 Jun 2022 36 0
    To investors, Most people’s attention has been on the accelerating inflation and reactive monetary policy decisions in the United States. This is the problem that we can see when we go to the store an...
  • Who will survive when the 'everything bubble' pops?
    23 Jun 2022 52 3
    To investors, Below is a guest post from Raphael Schoen, Content Lead at the Bitcoin-only startup Relai and author of the Substack newsletter Future Money. Enjoy! We live in uncertain times, and the c...
  • Listen To Earn & Bitcoin
    22 Jun 2022 49 4
    To investors, The best companies create categories. They are able to identify new technology and apply it to solve large problems globally. These category creators are able to disrupt legacy companies...
  • Weekend Volatility Leads To Significant Losses
    20 Jun 2022 13 1
    To investors, Today is a bank holiday in the United States. This means we are in the middle of a three-day weekend, but the bitcoin and crypto market trades 24/7/365. The legacy financial system does ...
  • The Fed Is Playing Chicken With The National Debt
    16 Jun 2022 10 1
    To investors, The Federal Reserve announced a 75 basis point hike to interest rates yesterday. This was an acceleration from the previous guidance of 50 basis point hikes that were expected in June an...
  • Markets Take The Stairs Up And The Elevator Down
    15 Jun 2022 47 2
    To investors, Below is a guest post from Nik Bhatia, financial researcher and Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business and author of the Substack newslett...
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