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Is Negative Inflation Upon Us?
27 Jan 2023 28 2
To investors, Inflation skyrocketed to multi-decade highs over the last three years and many people in the financial community have been warning of a persistently high inflation environment for many m...
If Inflation Is Dropping, Why Are Prices Staying High?
25 Jan 2023 9 4
To investors, We saw inflation accelerate from 2% at the start of 2020 to more than 8% in 2022. This 400% increase created the highest inflation reading in 40 years and left many consumers in a dire f...
Where Does The Government Spend Trillions Of Dollars?
24 Jan 2023 48
To investors, The debt limit is dominating headlines. Politicians are jockeying for attention. Social Security and Medicare recipients are growing concerned over their benefit payments. Investors are ...
Never Finished (This Will Improve Your Life)
23 Jan 2023 65 10
Subscribe now To investors, I have been reading one book per week this year. This past week’s book was Never Finished by David Goggins. Highly recommend reading it. If you are interested in the indivi...
Fake Debt Ceiling Crisis Sends Investors Searching For Safety
20 Jan 2023 72 8
Subscribe now To investors, There is an insane, childish game being played with the US economy right now — hello, debt ceiling! For those of you who are unaware, here is how the Treasury Department de...

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