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In Search of the Buffett Premium
27 Jan 2023 21 6
“If I died tonight, I think the stock would go up tomorrow. And there’d be speculation about break ups and all that sort of thing. So, it would be a good Wall Street story that, you know, this guy tha...
Instant Feedback
26 Jan 2023 21 2
I recently had an opportunity to try out a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for two weeks. The purpose of a CGM system is to measure blood glucose levels almost constantly, and this is accomplished wi...
Daily Journal Corporation
25 Jan 2023 16
“The Company is not a smaller version of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Instead, it hopes to be a significant software company while it also operates its Traditional Business.” — Daily Journal’s 2022 10-K No...
Business Profile Library
25 Jan 2023 7
Business Profiles provide comprehensive coverage of a specific company. The goal is to provide readers with an overview of a business that is worth following. These write-ups are not stock recommendat...
A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade
21 Jan 2023 35 2
“The elementary part of psychology—the psychology of misjudgment, as I call it—is a terribly important thing to learn. There are about 20 little principles. And they interact, so it gets slightly comp...

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