Nigerian Regulations

Jesutooni Ajiboye
Find out what the latest Nigerian regulations are. Credit: @chayilll (Twitter)
Created 13 Jan 2021
  • Pissing Upstream: NNPC takes a dig at Seplat-Exxon Deal?
    16 Mar 2022 8 2
    Hello everyone. Happy New Year.👀 I trust we have all been keeping well. Apologies for the long silence. I’ve been caught up with work and life, but good to be back. Expect some form of consistent upd...
  • The 2021 Regulatory Dundies Awards!
    29 Dec 2021 17 23
    Thank you. Thank you everyone. Today, we are closing off the year on a high note with the very first edition of the Regulatory Dundies Awards for year 2021! Someone make some noisseeeeee!!!! The Regul...
  • Whether na eNaira, Meffy you've got me...
    29 Oct 2021 7 0
    “Whether na one naira, whether na one million, baby you got me, baby you got me” Best wishes to that couple in these Buhari times tho… 🤷🏽‍♂️ Well, whether it’s the eNaira or a digital representation...
  • Not Halal: New CBN Guidelines on Islamic Finance
    16 Oct 2021 8 1
    Happy Weekend, everyone! Shout out to the new readers who have joined the NR community (from Revue too) since the last publication. Good news! Last week Friday, one of our articles, Bureau De (Can’t) ...
  • Catch 22: Only this time, it's 50%
    24 Sep 2021 9 0
    Hello everyone! Long time, no reads. Been quite the busy month for me in terms of paid work, sorry ☹️. Anyhoo. We are back again! A quick look at what we will be discussing today: New Tax Appeal Tribu...
  • Up Nepa bills
    31 Aug 2021 10 0
    Hello everyone. It’s another week, and we will be talking about 3 major things this week. NERC Directive to Distribution Companies Tax Appeal Tribunal orders Multichoice to pay 50% off tax revenue The...
  • Quick Take Series: Petroleum Industry Act (2) - Bodies & Licenses
    27 Aug 2021 4 0
    Hello guys. We are back again on the 2nd edition of our Quick Take Series. Today, we will talk about the different agencies/bodies and do an infographic on the licenses under the recently signed Petro...
  • Giving Credit to whom it's due
    23 Aug 2021 8 0
    Loans, overdrafts and the like. The kind of “credit” where Mr. A lends money to Mr. B for a small fee-called interest- for a particular period. Mr. B has to pay back after that period. Everybody is ha...
  • Quick Take Series: Petroleum Industry Act (1) - Frontier Exploration Fund and Host Communities Development Fund
    20 Aug 2021 7 2
    Hello guys. So I am introducing a new feature to our publications called the Quick Take Series. The QT Series will be short reads that try to explain regulatory developments you should be aware of. Fo...
  • Not so Neat
    18 Aug 2021 14 0
    Hello guys. Some updates from last week. So, there are a few corrections from the Tax Law section. My Tax Guru friend updated me on some of the laws I referenced in the publication. According to him, ...
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