From The Forests of Arduinna

Rhyd Wildermuth
Druidic Dispatches From Rhyd Wildermuth
Created 20 Mar 2021
  • Pro Patria Mori
    07 Apr 2022
    This essay also published at Another World. The military invasion of Ukraine by Russia has triggered no small amount of renewed debate about certain institutions and ideas otherwise forgotten or consi...
  • After The Great Experiment
    06 Apr 2022 11 4
    Life’s been a bit wild and beautiful for me lately, thus the reduced frequency of my essays at the moment. I guess we could add ‘busy’ in that as well, though being a bit too busy has been much of my ...
  • Open Manuscript Notes #5
    04 Apr 2022 7 4
    This is an excerpt of my manuscript-in-progress on Woke Ideology. (It is also posted at Another World, the Gods&Radicals Supporters’ journal.) Very often, leftists are accused of being “cultural Marxi...
  • Being Pagan Course Starts Soon
    28 Mar 2022 1 0
    Hey there! Just a brief note to let you know that the course I instruct based upon my book, Being Pagan, begins again next week. This is the third time I’ll be teaching this course, and I really adore...
  • "The Aesthetic of Our Anger"
    24 Mar 2022 11 6
    A major premise of my work lately—and especially my still-in-process manuscript—is that identity politics, social justice, and “intersectionality” (generally called Woke Ideology) are all essentially ...
  • Notes on Marriage
    22 Mar 2022 39 19
    (Note to email readers: this is best read on the website because of photo size. To view it this way, click on the post title above.) Since moving to Europe—and especially coming to Luxembourg in the A...
  • A note of thanks and a brief update
    11 Mar 2022 36 19
    When I started From The Forests of Arduinna on the Spring Equinox last year (20 March, 2021), I really had no idea it would become so popular. I began it specifically because I needed a more open plat...
  • Black Sun Rising
    10 Mar 2022 46 9
    As I write this, an esoteric symbol awakened by fascist German ritualists is flashing subliminally across hundreds of thousands—probably millions—of handheld screens. “Liked” and “shared” by liberals ...
  • Druid Journal 53: Buergbrennen
    07 Mar 2022 2 1
    I have a new druid journal video for you, and this time it’s available to everyone! It’s a video of a local village performing the Buergbrennen (“castleburning”), an end-of-winter rite which has been ...
  • Feeling the Elephant
    06 Mar 2022 22 63
    This is March’s open discussion thread, but before I get to the topic I’d like to first welcome the several hundred of you new subscribers that signed up in the last week! I try to write a re-introduc...
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