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China's Mo-Covid Policy
13 Nov 2022 1 1
4 Finnish engineers - friends since childhood - have come up with a novel solar & wind energy storage system that they have up and running in a utility company operation. This article makes clear what...
House of Your Dreams
08 Nov 2022
Final Installment Before the Fearsome 8th of November *** Mirrors on the ceiling The pink champagne on ice, and she said We are all just prisoners here Of our own device *** For $3.3M+, live in a piec...
Stuck in Shanghai Disney .. Again
02 Nov 2022
New Thing I Learned This Week - In The Philippines there is an institution of higher education called Harvardian University, and that is not a joke, just (from US point of view) an oddity. *** I’m not...
Luxury Cars & Big Oil
29 Oct 2022 1
Three uh-h …. related points on the economy - U.S. companies from tech giants Alphabet and Microsoft to GE and toymaker Mattel reported big slowdowns in growth or warned things were going to get worse...
Huge Gin Tow Goes Down
25 Oct 2022
Good morning … or … maybe not - Via the NYT: “Voters See Democracy in Peril, but Saving It Isn’t a Priority.” Voters overwhelmingly believe American democracy is under threat, but seem remarkably apat...

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