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Created 30 Oct 2020
  • 'The Mossy Face Of Christ'
    30 Jun 2022 11 4
    In my last newsletter, the one with Malcolm Guite, I made reference to a person who is a big name in the neopagan/neopagan-ish world, who recently converted to Christianity. Malcolm had shared the man...
  • Lifting The Veil With Malcolm Guite
    26 Jun 2022 21 12
    Another Sunday in England, having passed another week trying to get back to Europe. The situation looks hopeful, finally – I should have some news midweek about whether or not I can get my visa sorted...
  • Goodbye, Galgano
    21 Jun 2022 25 7
    Detail of illustrator John Dervishi’s tribute to Tarkovsky’s ‘Nostalghia’ A reader of this newsletter commented: PS: stop living your life as that fellow in the movie Nostalgia…it takes you away from ...
  • 'Via Crucis, Via Lucis'
    18 Jun 2022 26 12
    It has been hot all week in this part of England, and knowing this in advance, I only brought warm weather clothes. It turns out that linen pants aren’t suitable for the kind of weather that moved in ...
  • The Pearls Of The Abbess
    18 Jun 2022 30 8
    Did you see this morning’s newsletter, about the Rev. Helen Orr, the “Abbess of The Moorings”? Well, the adventure continues. Last night at the vacant terminal at the Vienna airport, I took comfort in...
  • The Abbess of The Moorings
    17 Jun 2022 27 3
    The Rev. Helen Orr You readers are going to get two of these today. I’m on my way back to England, having been deported by the Austrian authorities when I tried to return to Vienna last night. My pape...
  • The Crack In The Tea Cup
    12 Jun 2022 47 28
    With my new Viennese girlfriend I let the week get away from me without writing a second newsletter. Forgive me – there’s a lot going on now, and I confess to you that I am struggling unexpectedly wit...
  • 'Happy As A Lark & Without A Cent'
    07 Jun 2022 15 7
    Orson Welles in ‘The Third Man’ It’s so strange to wake up on the other side of the ocean, enjoying the odd quiet of the morning in a big city, while everybody back home is sleeping. Matt and I are li...
  • Sherrard In Habsburgopolis
    04 Jun 2022 23 8
    Vienna is such an excellent city for reading and thinking. Matt took that shot of me yesterday at a neighborhood coffeeshop, reading Philip Sherrard (more on whom in a moment). Yes, the Austrian capit...
  • The Sacred, The Secular, And Duck Liver
    31 May 2022 17 3
    The Gipper sporting my summer straw hat, in downtown Budapest Hello from sunny and cool Budapest! I’ve had to use the Pearl of the Danube as a gateway to Vienna because I screwed up my flight reservat...
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