Consumer Surplus

Sam Bowman
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Created 17 Jul 2020
  • The end of invention
    29 Mar 2022 9 0
    Last night I presented a documentary on BBC Radio 4 that asked whether innovation has been slowing down since the late 20th Century, and whether there are things we could do to change that. You can li...
  • Eight reasons not to ban anonymity online
    19 Oct 2021 • 4 min read • 5 0
    Following the murder of Sir David Amess MP, the British government is considering banning anonymity online. This is strange, because Amess appears to have been murdered by an Islamist, and online anon...
  • Student loans for everyone
    24 Jan 2021 9 0
    After Covid, people might want to “give back” to young people who’ve given up a year or more of the best part of their lives to help suppress a disease that poses only a very small danger to them. Tha...
  • How I save money
    31 Dec 2020 20 0
    My last issue focused on how to spend money wisely. In this issue I want to outline how I save my money and why I do it that way. This is not investment advice, I am not qualified to give advice, I am...
  • Things I recommend you buy, 2020 edition
    26 Nov 2020 10 0
    Here is a list of products that I get a lot of consumer surplus from. I recommend any and all of these. The list spans cooking and kitchen equipment, through “work from home” products (a new 2020 cate...
  • Covid: The War We Never Fought
    02 Nov 2020 8 0
    England* is about to go into a second lockdown, along with lots of other European countries. It’s possible that the second wave of Covid infections we’re experiencing was inevitable, but we didn’t rea...
  • A neoliberal agenda for the 2020s
    23 Sep 2020 24 0
    Libertarianism in the UK has had a pretty bad epidemic. Many of the most prominent self-declared libertarians and classical liberals like James Delingpole and Toby Young are now full-time Covid denier...
  • Works In Progress
    30 Aug 2020 2 0
    This week I helped launch a new online magazine called Works In Progress, along with my friends Saloni Dattani, Nick Whitaker, and Ben Southwood. Thanks to a grant from Tyler Cowen’s Emergent Ventures...
  • It's the supply, stupid
    07 Aug 2020 13 0
    This week the British government released a white paper on housing and the land-use planning system that could actually be pretty good, if it makes it into law. Its basic aim is to move England to a z...
  • The importance of alienability
    28 Jul 2020 2 0
    A right is said to be inalienable if it cannot be taken away or given up. Jefferson may have been thinking both of the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness being taken away and the not...
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