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Sarah Phillimore
Issues of sex, gender and child protection - and the freedom to talk about it.
Created 19 Mar 2021
  • Legal fiction v reality
    30 Dec 2021 • 5 min read • 20 1
    A ‘legal fiction’ is something that is untrue or unknown, but is relied upon to guide a legal decision. On December 29th there was an interesting exchange between radio presenter James Max and campaig...
  • Hate Crimes Guidance ruled unlawful.
    20 Dec 2021 • 3 min read • 6 2
    Judgment was FINALLY handed down in Mr Miller’s appeal against a refusal to strike down the Hate Crimes Guidance produced by the College of Policing. He had 5 grounds of appeal and succeeded on two. T...
  • Physician Heal Thyself
    01 Dec 2021 • 5 min read • 12 1
    Disciplinary proceedings against Dr Adrian Harrop began on 15th November 2021. He is a well known ‘ally’ to trans people and had a very active Twitter presence until late October 2020 when he deleted ...
  • The sad case of Jennifer Lynne Saunders
    22 Nov 2021 • 5 min read • 5 1
    Jennifer Lynne Saunders appeared at Doncaster Crown Court on the 18th September 1991 and after trial lasting 3 days she was convicted of 2 offences of indecent assault on a female, being contrary to s...
  • The end of 'no debate'
    18 Nov 2021 • 13 min read • 9 2
    BBC Woman's Hour @BBCWomansHour Listen now: Stonewall CEO Nancy Kelley gives her first interview since the BBC became the latest organisation to pull out of its diversity scheme - citing concerns abou...
  • What's in a name?
    07 Nov 2021 • 5 min read • 15 8
    Sarah Phillimore @SVPhillimore It’s the ‘etc’ I am interested in November 6th 202116 Retweets176 Likes Over recent years the ‘LGB’ has gradually morphed into the ‘LGBTQ+’ - the ‘+’ apparently necessar...
  • A complaint to Portsmouth City Council
    03 Nov 2021 • 1 min read • 5 3
    On October the 19th I wrote the following email to Cllr Claire Udy. I was a participant in the FiLiA conference on 16th and 17th October 2021 at the Portsmouth Guildhall. I understand you are one of t...
  • Repent! Repent!
    01 Nov 2021 • 8 min read • 28 4
    On 26th October 2021 an ‘open letter’ to the BBC was published, to complain about an article written by Caroline Lowbridge, discussing lesbians coerced into sex with transwomen who retained male bodie...
  • A letter to the Vice Chancellor of Portsmouth University
    17 Oct 2021 • 1 min read • 19 6
    Dear Professor Galbraith, I am contacting you as a parent of a 16 year old daughter who is considering her university options, and also as a woman who attended the FiLiA Conference at the Portsmouth G...
  • Reasons to be Cheerful
    12 Sep 2021 • 5 min read • 14 3
    I have been asked to preserve this thread as a substack post for the probably inevitable time when I am banned from Twitter again. What started as a quick riposte to one of the innumerable anonymous a...
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