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Sasha Stone
A rumination on the collapse of culture on the left. Is it really that bad? Yes, it is really that bad.
Created 11 Jul 2020
  • Happy Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks
    25 Nov 2021 • 2 min read • 7 2
    This is just a short note to you, my Substack readers, for joining this little community. There is no doubt it’s been a very weird year for me, a kind of awakening and a realignment that has caused me...
  • The Kings of Film Twitter
    21 Nov 2021 • 13 min read • 3 4
    Barney was mostly invisible on Film Twitter. His 3,593 or so loyal followers hung around but he couldn’t break out much farther than that. He was a no-blue-check-nobody. You have to be somebody to get...
  • And Now for Something Completely Different
    11 Nov 2021 • 4 min read • 4 2
    I had a dream that I got to work with the director David Fincher. Turns out, it wasn’t a dream. How did this good fortune ever shine upon me, you might wonder? Well, my other job is writing about movi...
  • Where I'm Going, Where I've Been
    08 Nov 2021 • 9 min read • 4 6
    I was never more liked than when I was a terrible person. It might just be, in the final analysis, that I have always been and will always be a terrible person. The truth is, I think we all are, in ou...
  • The Horror Movies I Love are Frozen in Time
    31 Oct 2021 • 7 min read • 6 1
    Stanley Kubrick’s sublime The Shining breaks all of the rules. It breaks the rules of adaptation by completely upending the plot and meaning of Stephen King’s original book. The plot of the movie does...
  • Operation: Save Joe Biden's Poll Numbers
    25 Oct 2021 • 8 min read • 3 1
    Somewhere in Washington, in a parked car. Ike: It’s a dumpster fire. Mike: They’ll bound back. Ike: Didn’t Elon Musk invent some kind of brain enhancement thing? Is it too soon to get that for Biden? ...
  • Getting Tired of the Puritans
    18 Oct 2021 • 12 min read • 8 3
    In 2021, there are only two paths for the left generally and the Democrats specifically to take: totalitarianism or collapse. Some days, like today, when the New York Times’ Kara Swisher parrots the t...
  • Reimagined History: Monica Lewinsky, The Academy Museum, and Kim Kardashian
    10 Oct 2021 • 15 min read • 3 2
    Probably every society goes through revisionist history. Usually this happens gradually, over time, as stories become myths which become legends. Truth or fiction, it doesn’t really matter, does it? E...
  • Listen to: My Unfinished Near Future Sci-Fi Novel on Standby
    04 Oct 2021 • < 1 min read • 1 0
    This is the podcast version of my last post. I will offer these up to see if they are more convenient for people. If you’d like to subscribe to this on your podcast app, you can do so with this link, ...
  • My Unfinished Near Future Sci-Fi Novel on Standby
    03 Oct 2021 • 13 min read • 1 1
    I never thought I’d be sitting here five years later, my still untouched novel on my computer waiting to be woken up. Why can’t I finish it? I wrote 400 pages of what I thought might happen in 100 yea...
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