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Created 10 Jul 2020
  • The Dollar Devours the Euro
    08 Apr 2022 1 0
    Photo credit: Dado Ruvic It is now clear that today’s escalation of the New Cold War was planned over a year ago. America’s plan to block Nord Stream 2 was really part of its strategy to block Western...
  • Will Japan-Russia Tensions Over Contested Pacific Islands Spill Over Into War?
    07 Apr 2022 1 0
    Japan reaffirms sovereignty over Kuril islands, annexed by Russia in 1945. The islands' current population is around 20,000 people Each year, Japan’s Foreign Ministry releases a Diplomatic Bluebook, a...
  • Ukraine and the Global Economic War
    06 Apr 2022 1 0
    President Jimmy Carter delivers the State of the Union Address, 23 January 1980, wherein he proclaims the Carter Doctrine. Photo Credit: Diana Walker Do the Ukraine war and the action of the United St...
  • Chile’s New Constitutional Convention
    05 Apr 2022 1 0
    On 13 March 2022, two days after Gabriel Boric was sworn in as the president of Chile, Minister General Secretariat of Government Camila Vallejo told 24 Horas during an interview that her duty is “to ...
  • From Korea to Libya
    05 Apr 2022 2 0
    A security worker points at burning oil refinery tanks in Pančevo, north of Belgrade, Serbia, on 18 April 1999. Photo credit: Srdjan Ilic Much has been said and written about media bias and double sta...
  • Gaffed by the Gaffe
    04 Apr 2022 1 0
    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid at a press conference in Jerusalem, 27 March 2022, Photo credi: Israeli Foreign Ministry In his State of the Union address, US Pres...
  • The Middle Class Takeover of the Left
    03 Apr 2022 6 0
    Australian poet Henry Lawson, 1915. Photo credit: William Johnson My mother Audrey loved Australian poetry. Even as Huntington’s Disease took hold and she lost her mental faculties, she could still qu...
  • Not Out of the Corona Woods Just Yet
    01 Apr 2022 5 0
    A demonstrator holds a placard reading “Freedom Instead of Mandatory Vaccination” in front of police officers during a protest against COVID-19 restrictions and mandatory vaccination in Austria’s capi...
  • Hunger Stalks Central Asia
    01 Apr 2022 8 0
    Riot police officers stand ready to stop demonstrators during a protest in Almaty, Kazakhstan, 5 January 2022. Photo credit: Vladimir Tretyakov On March 16, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev delivered h...
  • The Wrongs of Madeleine Albright
    31 Mar 2022 4 0
    Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Photo credit: Bill O'Leary The late US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will always be linked to the appallingly named humanitarian war in Kosovo ...
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