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Created 10 Jul 2020
  • Do we overrate March Madness?
    04 Apr 2022
    OPENING TIP Evening in the headquarters of Save The Lottery. Above the rumble of the printing press downstairs and the clack of typewriters, the Gonzaga game blares. Chet Holmgren, presumptive top-thr...
  • 🛠How to fix the Lakers
    17 Mar 2022
    OPENING TIP It has become something of a media pastime this NBA season to crap all over the Los Angeles Lakers. That is because it's great fun. For instance, did you know that with the Lakers current ...
  • Trade Deadline Takeaways
    25 Feb 2022
    OPENING TIP After a short All Star break trip to Turks and Caicos, we’re back! We’re getting locked in for what should be an exciting few months leading into the playoffs. In the East, the top six tea...
  • 🎁The Gift of the Magi
    10 Feb 2022
    Programming note: We’ll be back with a recap of the trade deadline next week. OPENING TIP Welcome! The NBA trade deadline cometh imminently, and at STL we can’t help but be reminded of a classic Ameri...
  • ✉️Three letters
    27 Jan 2022
    OPENING TIP After he was hired to replace Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka showed up for work on his first day at the Staples Center. In his new office, he found a handwritten note from Magic Johnson, his p...
  • Interpreting NBA Rumors Columns: A Reader’s Guide
    17 Jan 2022
    OPENING TIP Good morning! As the trade deadline approaches, we have our first significant trade of the season: Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn ESPN Sources: The Atlanta Hawks are trading forward Cam Reddi...
  • ⏱Countdown to the Trade Deadline
    10 Jan 2022
    OPENING TIP Early February each year we observe a familiar ritual, known for both its heralding of the coming spring as well as for its repetitive patterns. Of course, we’re referring to the NBA trade...
  • STL's 2021 Year In Review 🔙
    01 Jan 2022
    OPENING TIP Good morning! As we look forward to 2022, we can’t help but look back at the year that was. Over the course of 42 letters (including this one) and roughly 70,000 words (roughly the length ...
  • 🎄The Hater's Guide to Christmas Hoops
    25 Dec 2021
    OPENING TIP The usual way of comparing basketball teams is to look at the players on Team A, and the players on Team B, and decide which players are better. But maybe that’s wrong. League-wide COVID o...
  • 🔀What Makes a Player Hard to Trade?
    17 Dec 2021
    OPENING TIP It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The elves are hard at work, snow has started to fall, the tea kettle sings… no, we’re not talking about Christmas season, or even COVID surge seas...
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