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Created 11 Aug 2020
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  • ScorchStack Issue #48: ScorchJack
    04 Aug 2021about 3 hours ago • 11 min read
    Jack Eichel. What’s inside? Jack Eichel would simply love to be a Flame, and we have the proof. Your dang head is all messed up and we need you to look at some ambiguous photos to figure out what’s wr...
  • Scorchstack Issue #47 - At least give us something we can pretend is nice
    29 Jul 2021 • 12 min read • 1 0
    Scorchstack after dark, and you know what that means. That's right, we're allowed to say fuck. What’s inside? The Flames are doing pretty average so far this offseason and you know what? Sure. On the ...
  • For your consideration: Cole Sillinger
    23 Jul 2021 • 7 min read • 1 0
    By now, you’ve hopefully recovered from the rollercoaster ride of losing Flames hero Mark Giordano in the expansion draft and acquiring uh Tyler Pitlick in the past 48 hours. If you have, we congratul...
  • Scorchstack Issue #46- Expansion draft special
    21 Jul 2021 • 24 min read
    How about a few laughs to take away from the pain of losing the captain for nothing, just like how you also lost the last captain for nothing? Scorchstack is comfort food for the Flames’ fan soul (new...
  • ScorchStack Issue #45- be nice to Jim Matheson or I’ll fight you in the street
    14 Jul 2021 • 11 min read
    Covered the NHL for 40 years, lucky to watch lots of Hall of Fame Oilers. What’s inside? Duncan Keith, Oilers discourse, and giving Eric Francis some credit- all the things you look for in a Calgary F...
  • Scorchstack Issue #44- Who loses? The Flames, you dingus.
    07 Jul 2021 • 13 min read
    Sorry that Scorchstack is late today, we were a little distracted [lowers sunglasses] accepting the Pulitzer Prize For Best Calgary Flames Newsletter. What’s inside? Seattle Kraken captain [record scr...
  • No Canada Day
    30 Jun 2021 • 2 min read
    It’s too hot for any of us to think. It’s also wrong to celebrate Canada Day tomorrow or any other year. This country has a long history of genocide against Indigenous People and we honour every child...
  • ScorchStack Issue #43- Anything to make that little man sweat
    23 Jun 2021 • 11 min read
    You cannot fool a fanbase that has put up with “Johnny Gaudreau has taken ‘Calgary’ out of his Instagram bio” stories every trade deadline and offseason for the past five years. What’s inside? Matthew...
  • Scorchstack Issue 42 - Scorchstack Fan Choice Awards
    16 Jun 2021 • 12 min read
    It’s award season once again in the Scorchstack Extended Universe™ and this time we are happy to announce the Scorchstack Fan Choice Awards! It is where you, the readers, get to experience our favouri...
  • ScorchStack Issue #41- A blend of homicidal tendencies and talent
    09 Jun 2021 • 12 min read • 1 0
    Vezina voters: the power is in your hands, use it responsibly. What’s inside? Space Jam is a cinematic classic, but what if it was about hockey? Kind of like an inverse Burn The Tape Looking back at t...