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Created 10 Nov 2019
  • Speed Running The Data Infrastructure Industry
    01 Jul 2022
    Over the past few years we have watched as start-ups in the crypto currency and data infrastructure space essentially speed ran their industries. Repeating the same discoveries that data management or...
  • Why Are We Still Struggling To Answer How Many Active Customers We Have?
    18 Jun 2022
    “Why do we still struggle to answer basic questions like how many customers are still active or what exactly is the company’s churn?” This was a question posed to a panel I was sitting on at the Snowf...
  • How Far Can We Separate Storage And Compute
    03 Jun 2022
    Storing data for analytics. Why do we even have to do it. Why do we spend so much time just moving data from point A to point B? Why was one of the largest software stock IPOs a cloud data warehouse(s...
  • How To Reduce Your Data Teams Costs
    17 May 2022
    It’s easy to let costs run a little wild with data teams. In the last decade, the charge for many companies has been data insights and costs have taken a back seat. This has led to many companies spen...
  • How Are Companies Driving Value With Data?
    06 May 2022
    For the last few years, the focus has been on data infrastructure. What tools are the right tools, and how do you set them up. But how do you drive real value from data? To help answer that question t...
  • 20 Questions You Need To Ask About Your Data Analytics Strategy
    28 Apr 2022
    Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash There are plenty of cliches about data and its likeness to oil or companies being data-driven. Is there truth to all this hype about data strategy, predicti...
  • Why Data Strategies And Initiatives Fail
    19 Apr 2022
    It’s 2022 and everyone wants to be data-driven..but this isn’t anything new. Companies have struggled to become data-driven for the last few decades(if not longer). But many of them continually fail. ...
  • How To Start Your Next Data Engineering Project
    11 Apr 2022
    Many programmers who are just starting out struggle with starting new data engineering projects. In our recent poll on YouTube, most viewers admitted that they have the most difficulty with even start...
  • Building Data Reliability Systems Is Hard
    06 Apr 2022
    Recently I have found myself listening to engineering disaster podcasts and videos. And I mean physically engineered structures and systems. This includes nuclear reactors, bridges and chemical plants...
  • Will Airflow Win The Orchestration Race?
    28 Mar 2022
    There is a lot happening in the world of orchestrators this week. From Luigi being officially replaced at Spotify to million dollar acquisitions. Last week I was at the data council in Austin. Along w...
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