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Adulting in this era.
Created 25 Jul 2021
  • 8/Amassing identities
    03 May 2022
    It’s been a super long time since I last wrote. A lot has happened since then. Feels like I’ve lived a year’s worth in the first quarter. I’ll leave the personal stories for another time. In the first...
  • 7/The start of something new
    23 Jan 2022 6 1
    Happy New year folks! I watched tick..tick..boom! minutes before writing this edition so here’s a small inspired try at writing a jingle of my own. I hope you don’t judge me too harshly as it’s my fir...
  • 6/The days of our lives
    23 Nov 2021 7 6
    All these trial periods offered by subscription services got me thinking - why don’t we have a trial period for all of our major life decisions? It seems ridiculous that all of them, say college, a ne...
  • 5/ People hunting
    29 Aug 2021 12 4
    One thing that I do almost every day is ‘people hunt’. It’s what I call finding people who are at the top of their field, people I can learn from and be inspired by. It first started when I opened an ...
  • 4/ The Good, The Bad
    22 Aug 2021 9 2
    Ever noticed how the narratives we weave of the stories that happened in our life are rarely objective? For as long as I can remember, I have felt the need to compare and label my experiences; and the...
  • 3/ A slow week
    15 Aug 2021 15 2
    My internship came to an end this week. I took this opportunity to take it slow and - Watched movies - Into The Woods, Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast produced by Disney Binged on a few T...
  • 2/ Cosmic Screw Yous
    08 Aug 2021 15 6
    ‘Cosmic Screw Yous’ is the term I give to situations where the entire universe conspires to NOT give me the one thing I want most and worked really hard for. It’s the opposite of what SRK says in the ...
  • 1/ What world are you from?
    01 Aug 2021 • 2 min read • 20 16
    Life is most interesting when I get to discover new worlds. To break into new worlds, you must first take stock of the worlds you are already a part of, so here are mine - I’m an engineer, just gradua...
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