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Created 29 May 2020
  • So You Want Anchovy Trove's Savory Secrets?
    02 Mar 2022 2 0
    It's March, a month that's better than February in practice (it's closer to spring, which is closer to summer), but worse in theory. It's still too cold to enjoy being outside, any wisp of warmth come...
  • So You Want To Know Eric King's Go-Tos?
    20 Feb 2022
    Even for the most joyful of little chefs among us, sometimes cooking is just… practical. That was certainly the case for me this week, who found the cooking between my many, many tasty meals out more ...
  • So You Want to Do Valentine's Day Dinner Like Emily Schultz & Will Ryan?
    13 Feb 2022 2 0
    What a weekend — it’s sunny, sparkly and 60 degrees in New York today. Tomorrow, we’ll retreat inside to eat chips, dips and wings while watching an M&M’s commercial about why the green one chose to t...
  • So You Want to Eat Like the Founder of Eaten Magazine?
    08 Feb 2022
    Me (Court), to Gaby, as I board a flight to LA After the charming little flakes of last weekend’s snowstorm turned to grayish slush before the sun went down, I was just about ready to call it quits on...
  • So You Want to Bake Like Gracie?
    01 Feb 2022 2 0
    How’d you spend your time Snowed In™? Personally speaking, we’ve spent the last few weeks inside strategizing what readers want from Sifted and the best ways to get them those things. We have some big...
  • So You (yes, you!) Shared Your Favorite Recipes
    27 Jan 2022 1 0
    Today's menu didn't come from my brain, Courtney's kitchen, or even a special guest. Instead, a bunch of our beloved readers submitted their favorite recipes for us to share with the rest of you! And ...
  • So It Feels Like 1° Outside?
    20 Jan 2022
    Something warm and soupy, something air-fried, something borrowed from our favorite diner, something complicated that’ll eat up your whole day so you never have to go outside. boyswhocancook A post sh...
  • Sifted Snacks
    14 Jan 2022
    If your significant other watches as much football as ours do, first of all, we’re sorry, and more importantly, we’re here to help. Court, desperate to occupy her time anywhere away from the televisio...
  • So You Want to Cook like Everything Alex Cooks?
    09 Jan 2022 2 0
    When asked about my 2022 Resolutions, I (Court) only half-jokingly said “Stay alive.” I am, however, actually trying to maintain a habit that I’ve cultivated over the last few years: reducing food was...
  • So You're Staying in for NYE?
    31 Dec 2021
    And just like that… 2021 is coming to an end and Miranda is an alcoholic. Personally, we miss when she was just addicted to sugar – much more relatable! The end-of-year recaps have come rolling in to ...
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