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The stock market has no business being at these nosebleed levels, run for the hills to PHYSICAL PRECIOUS METALS
28 Nov 2022 3 3
The S&P 500 has no business being back at 4,000, especially with how fast and hard the Fed has attempted to slam the brakes on the economy. Only a few can see the financial ripples as they form, the r...
If Congress wants to spend like drunken sailors, they should ....
26 Nov 2022 8 2
….fix the trains system with sober minds! Our antiquated systems need to be eliminated!!! My question is why isn't this being developed in the United States, voraciously by world class companies aroun...
Happy Thanksgiving!
24 Nov 2022 8 2
Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 May we all be Thankful today for what the Lord has provided us. May our bellies be full, and may we rest today. Allow many to find Jesus this holiday season through many Testimo...
Have a blessed Sunday!
20 Nov 2022 9 3
Amen 🙏🏻🙌🏻🕊️ Have a blessed Sunday!! Silence
FTX was a Moloch sacrifice, FTX is a fraud at a level only the DNC could ever mastermind
18 Nov 2022 5 2
It is quite clear at this point that FTX was a Moloch sacrifice for the Dems and RINOs, that they pompously touted that they "own" many "assets" (own and assets are used in both wealth but also in sla...
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