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Simon Sweetman
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Created 18 Feb 2021
  • Brick By Brick
    07 Apr 2022
    When I was 15 I loved Brick by Brick the album by Iggy Pop. And I loved it because of the music on it, sure. But I loved it, first of all, because I had found the poster in a music store, been given i...
  • Two Brilliant Music Memoirs
    05 Apr 2022
    I’ve read so many music biographies, memoirs and autobiographies. I used to call it an “occupational hazard” – I mean it was nearly a first love, I remember reading books about John Lennon and Mick Ja...
  • Grizzly Man: One of My Favourite Documentaries
    03 Apr 2022
    Timothy Treadwell is one of the great flawed characters of cinema. But he is (or rather was) – and this is the best part – real; he was no creation – Treadwell was a real human and he filmed himself o...
  • An Important 20th Anniversary We All Forgot…
    31 Mar 2022
    Last week, and forgive me for not mentioning it at the time, but I was caught up in a rush of relistening to Sonic Youth – I neglected to mention one of the big 20th Anniversaries associated with musi...
  • You Must Read “Grand” by Noelle McCarthy – Out Now!
    29 Mar 2022
    I’ve probably told you this at least one other time but a favourite thing to get to do – and it doesn’t happen often enough – is to buy a brand new book and read it that night. That whole thing. Maybe...
  • Possessor: What a Film!
    27 Mar 2022
    Possessor belongs to that dark and wonderful strain of film – the science fiction psychological horror. And director/writer Brandon Cronenberg is royalty within that genre. He’s been bubbling away und...
  • I Miss Sonic Youth But The Music Is Forever
    24 Mar 2022
    When I was 13, I started reading Guitar World - I was obsessed with the guitar. I was listening to a lot of blues-rock stuff – Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin and Jeff Beck. But reading Guitar World hel...
  • You Definitely Need The Gloves
    22 Mar 2022
    It started at the end of a long plane ride. We flew from San Francisco to Sydney – through the night – and went from Northern Hemisphere summer to rain, rain, rain in Australia. It was freezing and pi...
  • A TV Love Like This: Once In Every Lifetime...
    20 Mar 2022
    Without a doubt one of the most profound pop-culture influences in my life is The Young Ones. I watched it when I was a young one, far too young to actually get all of the jokes. But I laughed along w...
  • Micro-Blogging Music Prose-Poems
    17 Mar 2022
    I mentioned to you, in another newsletter not so long ago, that I was having fun taking blog-posts that I’d written and turning them into poems. And that I was also taking poems and making them blog p...
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