Say Less by Larry Smith & The Six-Word Memoir Project

Larry Smith
The art of short-form storytelling for self-expression, focus, and connection.
Created 09 Jan 2021
  • Live Six-Word Teacher Workshop with Larry Smith!
    22 Jun 2022 7 0
    We've got exciting news to share! Six in Schools is proud to announce that we're holding a live workshop on tomorrow Thursday June 23rd at 4pm EST. The workshop will last 30 minutes and 15 minutes wil...
  • Starting Hard Conversations With a Few Well-Chosen Words
    09 Jun 2022 8 0
    Featured in Edutopia: Six Words as a Tool for Classroom Conversations In my decade of living and breathing The Six-Word Memoir Project, I have had the pleasure of witnessing teachers embrace and adapt...
  • A School Year to Remember: In Six Words and More
    07 Apr 2022 6 0
    Hey, Teachers—Make Your Own Six-Word Memoir Classroom Book! “I miss all my imaginary friends.” —Torin, age 8 ”Born to be a spy, unknowable.” —Nathan, age 10 ”Finally learned that ‘weird’ is a complime...
  • What Letter Do You Need to Send?
    09 Mar 2022 6 0
    Read Say Less by Larry Smith & The Six-Word Memoir Project in the new Substack app Now available for iOSGet the app SixContest: Unsent Letters in Just Six Words We all have times when we struggle to s...
  • What's Your Six-Word Prediction for 2022?
    22 Jan 2022 5 0
    SixContest: Predict the Future in Six Words From flying cars to moving sidewalks, humanity has always dreamed about the future's unknown and limitless possibilities. For SixContest #142, we're asking ...
  • Best of 2021: The Craft of Storytelling—Less Is More
    27 Dec 2021 6 0
    When I started “Say Less” on Substack at the beginning of 2021, I wanted to offer readers both a deep dive in the wonders of Six-Word Memoirs while also showcasing the awesome powers of brevity. One o...
  • Fifteen Years of Six Words
    02 Dec 2021 1 0
    Six Word Turns 15! Larry (me) and Sara Abou Rashed at a recent “Six Words on the Pandemic” book event in Columbus, Ohio, where our play, “A Map of Myself,” debuted in 2018 It feel impossible for me to...
  • Our Book, Your Book
    11 Nov 2021 4 0
    Hot Topic: Six Words on the Pandemic “The choice to direct this Six-Word Memoir collection at educators, students, and parents trapped in the nightmare of too much togetherness plus too little social ...
  • Six In Schools: Craft Your Own Literary or Illustrated Classroom Book!
    22 Oct 2021 3 0
    I’ve been running the Six-Word Memoir Project for more than a decade and nothing has been more meaningful than the way educators have embraced the six-word form as a tool for storytelling and connecti...
  • The Six-Word Pandemic Book Is Here
    01 Oct 2021 2 0
    New Release! Six-Words Memoirs on the Pandemic by Teachers, Students, and Parents The tenth book in the Six-Word Memoir series tells the story of a world we never expected to be in and can’t stop talk...
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