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Created 23 Oct 2020
  • How I write...
    23 Jun 2022 1 2
    Hi everyone! In this Issue: How I write… It’s important to listen to other people talk about how they go about it, but it’s important to ignore them too News and events SJW recommends The Writers’ Lod...
  • The Heights with Louise Candlish
    17 Jun 2022
    Hi everyone! In this Issue: Last night on #SJsTwitterBookClub The Writers’ Lodge #SJsTwitterBookClub This week’s #SJsTwitterBookClub featured author Louise Candlish (@louise_candlish), who popped in t...
  • Writers' Lodge 9: More on CHARACTERS
    16 Jun 2022 1 0
    In this Issue: Reflections on Issue 8: Characters Kidnapping a character Some more exercises The importance of choice Reflections In the last issue of The Writers’ Lodge we talked about characters. We...
  • Writers' Lodge Thread: Do you read 'how to write' books?
    14 Jun 2022 4 8
    New to The Writers’ Lodge? LEARN MORE ‘How to Write’ books? I devour them. I always think there’s more to learn, and I love hearing other people’s take on writing and characters and so on. But do you?...
  • Writers' Lodge 8: CHARACTERS
    02 Jun 2022 0 6
    In this Issue: Introduction Characters What is a character? Creating a character What’s on the outside What’s on the inside Desire Flaws The Defining Moment Some exercises A checklist Introduction Wel...
  • Tuesday Writers' Lodge thread: What are your favourite characters?
    31 May 2022 2 6
    Hi! In this week’s Issue of The Writers’ Lodge (due on Thursday) we’re going to be looking at characters. So, who are your favourite characters in literature? Or TV/film, for that matter? Let me know!
  • Let me answer that for you...
    26 May 2022 2 0
    Hi everyone! In this Issue: Questions I Get Asked An occasional series in which I address some of the questions I’m frequently asked in interviews and at events. News and events SJW recommends The Wri...
  • Wednesday thread: Do you care about writing and/or publishing?
    25 May 2022 8 42
    Hi! Today I’ve been thinking about who you all are (and more on that soon!). Presumably you subscribed to this newsletter as you like reading. But are you also interested in the writing/publishing pro...
  • Nobody But Us
    20 May 2022 1 0
    Hi everyone! In this Issue: Last night on #SJsTwitterBookClub The Writers’ Lodge #SJsTwitterBookClub This week’s #SJsTwitterBookClub featured author Laure Van Rensburg (@Laure0901), who popped in to t...
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