Story Cauldron

Jackie Dana
An eclectic brew of speculative fiction and random thoughts about storytelling
Created 07 May 2021

All I want for Xmas is a new social platform

22 Nov 2022 17 16
Welcome to Story Cauldron, where I usually talk about storytelling or share my fiction. Today I felt compelled to examine some of the new social networks that are popping up like mushrooms after a hea...

Running away to join the circus

08 Nov 2022 13 10
In Story Cauldron, I write about storytelling, share my fiction, and occasionally post updates about my own writing journey. Today I’ll be sharing what I’m working on this November. Image created by t...

Will robots take our jobs?

13 Oct 2022 18 4
In this issue of Story Cauldron, I’m following up with a conversation that happened after my previous article about the AI image tool Midjourney. Midjourney design by author Will robots take our jobs?...

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