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Created 05 Aug 2020
  • Streetbeat, Vol. XXVI
    31 Mar 2022 1 0
    The new Crossrail station at Whitechapel, in honor of the line’s (much-delayed but still exciting) opening in the next few months. (Source: Author) Asalaam alaikum!* And welcome to this newsletter. It...
  • Streetbeat, Vol. XXV
    28 Feb 2022 1 0
    Scooter parking at Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie. (Source: author) Сайн уу* And welcome to this newsletter. It's where I (John Surico) share thoughts & writing each month on cities & their contents: str...
  • Streetbeat, Vol. XXIV
    31 Jan 2022 1 2
    Car-free holiday streets around Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center. (Source: Author) Вітаю!* And welcome to this newsletter. It's where I (John Surico) share thoughts & writing each month on cities & thei...
  • Streetbeat, Vol. XXIII
    21 Dec 2021 2 0
    Sunrise at 8th Street and Broadway. (Source: author) If you know me personally, then you know I’m an optimist by heart. I try to find silver linings everywhere, even amidst times of such dread. I do g...
  • Streetbeat, Vol. XXII
    30 Nov 2021 1 0
    Even in these tougher times, at least the city looks beautiful. (Source: author) Oof, what a month. The overwhelming sense of hopeful dread coming out of COP26 in Glasgow. The anxious applause for act...
  • Streetbeat, Vol. XXI
    29 Oct 2021 1 0
    A Saturday scene on Walkway Over the Hudson, the largest elevated pedestrian bridge in the world—and quite rare in the U.S. (Source: author) สวัสดี And welcome back to Streetbeat! It’s been a real bus...
  • Streetbeat, Vol. XX
    30 Sep 2021 1 0
    New York’s Herald Square, which used to be loud and packed, but now is… actually quite nice. (Source: author) مرحبًا! And welcome back to Streetbeat. Hard to believe this is the twentieth edition. I s...
  • Streetbeat, Vol. XIX
    31 Aug 2021
    A street space reallocation, in Milan’s Isola neighborhood. (Source: author) Bună ziua! And welcome back to Streetbeat! If you’re tuning in from the Global North, we’ve officially entered the dog days...
  • Streetbeat, Vol. XVIII
    29 Jul 2021 4 0
    The car bike port from London-based Cyclehoop, spotted along the Monon Trail in Carmel, IN, shows alternate value of parking spaces. (Source: Author) Welcome back to a humid, sweaty Streetbeat! July h...
  • Streetbeat, Vol. XVII
    29 Jun 2021 1 0
    Sidewalk garden outside of Malcolm X Park, in Washington D.C. (Source: Author) As we slowly tick towards the 70% vaccination threshold in the U.S., Americans may notice their calendars resuming normal...
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