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Scott Frey
A Substack newsletter about Substack and newsletters. It could be about your newsletter! 😃
Created 17 Dec 2020

Running Up That Hill

15 Jun 2022 13 8
Subscribe now I’ve been on a bender into the non-Substack world. (Wait … there’s a non-Substack world? 😲 Is it upside-down?) I’m working half-time for a company developing an ever-more useful (though...


13 May 2022 4 1
Because Substack now allows TikTok embeds… Substack @SubstackInc You asked, we listened. From today, writers can embed TikToks directly into their posts. For readers, TikToks will play within the post...

Why Are We Here?

04 May 2022 5 4
Subscribe now When big things happen… a virus causes worldwide havoc for 2+ years one country invades another and threatens nuclear war a certain court opinion might change law and politics on a very ...

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