Chasing the Sundog
Michelle Jia
Created 23 May 2022
Move Slow and Fix Things. A weekly missive on culture, design, and life. Publishes Wednesdays.

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More Life, More Life, More Life!!
16 Nov 2022 15 8
The front yard of Whale. Disposable film photography, circa 2018. For much of my time in the Bay Area — and certainly most of the years that counted — I lived with close friends in a house called Whal...
Stick It To The Man!! ...Symbolically
02 Nov 2022 14 6
Wig by Tomihiro Kono. There’s an essay that’s been making the rounds in my internet milieu lately — probably because it seems to augur a turning point in popular culture. The essay is Brock Colyar’s “...
Sir, You're Breaking Up The Band
26 Oct 2022 18 13
Collage by Daniel K. Osborne. At the end of our walk — the damp night seemed to press us in a million places — I turned to my artist friend A and asked for a kiss. We had been playing characters all d...
When Freedom Kills
19 Oct 2022 26 8
My last romantic relationship ended in a snowstorm of practicalities. And in the midst of these — there was the question of who would take what, of how to sift one life from another by way of books di...
What Can I Say To Make You Believe Me?
05 Oct 2022 19 9
In every romantic relationship there are what I think of as “jewel moments” — dense whorls of time that make the entire enterprise worth it, even if it eventually comes to a painful end. One of the je...

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