We help the most promising projects in the Solana ecosystem in the ascending world (India, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa) launch and grow. We are organized as a co-operative of creatives, operators, and investors.
Created 11 May 2021
  • Deep Dive: Filecoin Solana Use Cases
    09 Jun 2022 1 1
    In this article, I will be explaining What is IPFS What is Filecoin Filecoin use-cases in Solana Ecosystem I will be explaining all these concepts in a simple language so that everyone can understand,...
  • Deep Dive: Switchboard
    09 Jun 2022
    Remember this visual from the early 1900s? This is a telephone switchboard. Back in the day, you couldn’t just dial up your friend’s number and connect in seconds. First, you call a telephone network ...
  • Decentralised Social Graphs & Creator Economy - Deep Dive by Wordcel
    08 Jun 2022 2 0
    “We could solve crisis of confidence and even legitimacy in today’s institutions by shifting real power toward citizens, equipping them with real opportunities for prosperity and participation in soci...
  • CrowdPad: A Deep Dive
    07 Jun 2022 3 0
    Do you dream of becoming a YouTuber, a singer, or an artist but do not think you’ll earn enough or acquire a fan base? Fret not. CrowdPad is here to help you monetize yourself and find the best way to...
  • State of the Superteam: May 2022
    02 Jun 2022 7 0
    SuperteamDAO is a community of builders creating the talent layer for the Solana ecosystem. We currently have 160 members including devs, designers, memers, writers, marketers, product managers, lawye...
  • Superteam 🤝 Capx
    01 Jun 2022 1 0
    Over the past few years, we’ve seen the capital formation process swing like a pendulum. In the 2017 era, ICO crowdfunding was the norm. This allowed community members to participate from day 0, but w...
  • Incento: The FinTech Layer around Crypto Payments — A Deep Dive
    28 May 2022 8 2
    Let’s start with a billion-dollar question: “How can we get billions of users for Web3?”🤔 Obviously, demand is one thing but a good Web3 onboarding experience is probably something everyone should ca...
  • Streamflow: Enabling streaming payments on Solana — A Deep Dive
    26 May 2022 5 0
    Imagine, we can do monthly subscriptions like Netflix in Web3 or make automatic salary payments in crypto? Well, the focus of this deep-dive, Streamflow does that exactly. In this piece, we will take ...
  • CoinDCX: Evaluating Web3 Projects Deep Dive
    17 May 2022
    Web3 & its ever-evolving landscape 🌅 If I have to put in the definition of Web3 in the most simplest of terms, I will sum up Web3 by associating it with three characteristics: Completely decentralise...
  • Inside the Solana India Hacker House
    17 May 2022 8 1
    In the post, I’m going to give you a tour of the Bangalore Solana hacker house that happened last week. Here’s how the post is structured, An introduction to Solana & Hacker Houses ( HH) Welcome to th...
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