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Suzanne Moore
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Created 25 Nov 2020
  • The Metamorphosis of Misogyny
    02 Jul 2022 336 25
    “I don’t write the headlines”. You always hear hacks say this when someone criticises them. I say it sometimes because its true and often because it is not reflective of the piece that I have written....
  • Male violence or the right side of history? Who knows? I do.
    19 Jun 2022 371 64
    I am old and ugly enough to know male violence when I see it. So forget your slogans and your mantras or your inner spiritual gendered essence. I don’t have one as I am non-binary because I don’t acce...
  • Locking Up Girls
    17 Jun 2022 117 9
    “It must be so cool to be in prison,” said my teenager the other day. Orange Is the New Black is her favourite programme. “I know it’s not, really, but they make it look that way.” They certainly do, ...
  • What is wrong with political journalism?
    15 Jun 2022 45 13
    When I was interviewing Dominic Cummings recently, we chatted a bit about political journalism. He was unsurprisingly not impressed by most journalists, saying that they are not actually interested in...
  • Welcome and what are you after?
    02 Jun 2022 19 38
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  • A Conversation with Dominic Cummings
    29 May 2022 95 54
    Dominic Cummings agreed to an interview with me for Substack. He had helped me with a charity event I had organised and I found him easy to talk to when we met. What follows ,is an edited version of s...
  • Breasts. What are they good for?
    23 May 2022 122 10
    The first mastectomy scar that I ever saw was that of the writer Kathy Acker. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer she chose to have both breasts removed, not just one, and cancer cells were foun...
  • Titillation
    22 May 2022 6 3
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  • I Didn't Go to SpecSavers: On Ageing and Seeing
    14 May 2022 62 11
    Ageing is so often spoken of as terrible calamity, especially for women. I have lost too many friends to think of ageing as anything but some kind of triumph, especially given all the daft things I ha...
  • Do we need some cheer?
    10 May 2022 11 100
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