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Created 13 Jun 2019
  • State of the TAM - 12th Oct
    12 Oct 2021 • 2 min read
    What’s Up If the subject line seems unnecessarily gleeful (we aren’t at that stage of lockdown anymore, after all), then you clearly missed the fact that the last three months I’ve looked QUITE A LOT ...
  • State of the TAM - 5th Oct
    05 Oct 2021 • 2 min read • 1 0
    What’s Up Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you’re having a spooky one! I am keeping busy! Lots of admin, bits and pieces of layout, and lots of sulking about GRL! I have got the paperbook of Night Shift...
  • State of the TAM - 28th Sept
    28 Sep 2021 • 2 min read • 1 0
    What’s Up? Pre-order Hex Work now! I promise there's no cliffhangers! It is a bit more m/m urban fantasy than m/m paranormal romance though. :) My name is Jonah Carrow, and it’s been 300 days since I ...
  • State of the TAM - 22 Sept
    22 Sep 2021 • 2 min read • 1 0
    What’s Up So, last night at about five to midnight I realized that it was—for a few more minutes anyhow—actually a Tuesday. Which meant I should have done the newsletter and the recycling needed to go...
  • State of the TAM - 14th Sept
    14 Sep 2021 • 3 min read
    What’s Up First of all! Congratulations to Shirley and Kathy who won the Crime, Curses, and Cheap Thrills competition! I’ve emailed you both so keep an eye out! I just realized that this is the first ...
  • State of the Tam - Sept 7th
    07 Sep 2021 • 3 min read • 1 0
    What’s Up To be honest not too much is going on this week. Jax graduated with honors (more or less) from his agility class and we’re going kayaking at the weekend! I will update you all with photos ne...
  • State of the TAM - 31 Aug
    31 Aug 2021 • 3 min read • 1 0
    What’s Up? Hello to new subscribers from the weekend’s Fab Follow event! I hope you all had a good time! To start as we mean to go on… Win a Gift Card or an Ebook by me! OK, as we SOMETIMES mean to go...
  • FLASH State of the TAM - August 25
    25 Aug 2021 • < 1 min read • 1 0
    LIKE THE PAGE SO YOU DON'T MISS IT! (I meant to add this yesterday, but I only had two hours sleep and it’s been a long time since I could function well on that little shut eye!)
  • State of the TAM - 24th August
    24 Aug 2021 • 1 min read • 1 1
    What’s Up I have insomnia, and not the cool kind of insomnia where you roam the house looking mildly disheveled and drinking loads of coffee while you accomplish *stuff*. No, this is the sort of insom...
  • State of the TAM
    17 Aug 2021 • 1 min read • 1 0
    What’s Up? My friends have gone home. This is a sad state of affairs, but hopefully they’ll get back over sometime this year! We already have many plans for next year. Fingers crossed and masks on, an...
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