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Created 14 Dec 2019
  • How do product analytics work?
    04 Apr 2022 1 0
    Product analytics – what the hell is it? Why is Amplitude a public company? What do product managers even do? This Technically post will dive into how companies analyze what their users are doing in t...
  • What's GraphQL?
    15 Mar 2022 41 1
    The TL;DR GraphQL is a query language (and runtime) for building and using APIs: developers use it to simplify making API requests. Most apps and sites are built on a network of interconnected APIs: w...
  • What does Elastic do?
    28 Feb 2022 8 3
    Apologies for the delay on this one. I was going to publish last week but felt given the circumstances it was better to wait it out a bit. We’ve got some really exciting stuff coming over the next cou...
  • What's Reverse ETL?
    01 Feb 2022 24 0
    The TL;DR Reverse ETL is the process of syncing data from your data warehouse to your business tools like Salesforce and Hubspot. Data teams spend their time organizing data into a centralized warehou...
  • What does New Relic do?
    11 Jan 2022 24 2
    The TL;DR New Relic is observability software: teams use it to monitor the performance of their applications and infrastructure. Part of developing a successful application is making sure it stays up ...
  • What does GitLab do?
    04 Jan 2022 12 0
    The TL;DR GitLab is a somewhat contrarian take on DevOps: it’s basically one giant tool for literally anything you’d want to do relating to building and deploying software. DevOps spans the gamut in s...
  • The top 5 things PMs should know about engineering
    16 Dec 2021 25 0
    Hello loyal and savvy readers of this fine newsletter. Today’s issue is actually a cross post – I wrote for Lenny’s Newsletter about the top things that product managers should know about engineering,...
  • The Details: CI
    30 Nov 2021 6 8
    Hello there, lovely subscribers. This week’s post is going to dive deeper into CI. We’re going to look at what types of tests developers run in CI, how they integrate with version control systems, and...
  • What's Headless E-Commerce?
    02 Nov 2021 24 7
    The TL;DR Headless e-commerce is like Shopify, but without most of the visuals you’re used to: it’s a pure backend and management portal for running and building shops on the web. Like any web app, e-...
  • What does Twilio do?
    20 Oct 2021 8 5
    For a while, Twilio ($TWLO, $65B) made noise by putting up these billboards around San Francisco (last time I was there, I think a few were still up). The idea was that they didn’t need to advertise a...
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