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Created 24 Feb 2021

My Quest to Preserve the Secret Blues Archive of Mack McCormick

28 Nov 2022 94 23
Back around 2004, I embarked on a deep, immersive study of traditional blues—and spent several years focused on this one project. One of my first decisions was to track down all of the leading experts...

12 YouTube Videos I'm Enjoying Right Now

25 Nov 2022 54 7
Below are 12 YouTube videos that I’ve been enjoying this week. Happy listening! Considering giving a subscription to The Honest Broker this holiday season—but only to your coolest friends. Give a gift...

It's Open Mic Day at The Honest Broker—Tell Us What You're Doing

23 Nov 2022 112 421
A few weeks ago, we had our first open thread at The Honest Broker, and it was a big success. I’m now wondering why I didn’t do this before. For our first ‘Open Mic’ I asked for recommendations of new...

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