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Terry J. Richard
Outdoor recreation and travel, mainly in the U.S. West but other places I've been, too -- and climate change.
Created 28 Aug 2021
  • Taking a break from Substack, Twitter
    12 Jan 2022
    I am working at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and will be mostly off Twitter and Substack until April 2022.
  • Victoria Falls is Mosi-oa-Tunya to Africans
    04 Jan 2022
    Locals enjoy the day on the Zambezi River just above Mosi-oa-Tunya, or Victoria Falls (BWO photo). The United States did it with Denali. Hint, hint. The tallest mountain in North America used to be na...
  • Marrakesh by tour/solo, night/day
    31 Dec 2021
    Horse carriages wait in line for tourists in central Marrakesh (BWO photo). Tour vs. solo tourism is the question. Sometimes you do both, for better or worse. Actually, both have appealing features, a...
  • Petrified Forest doesn't require pesky camping reservation
    30 Dec 2021
    Moonrise scene while backcountry camping at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona (BWO photo). Here’s a national park camping opportunity you don’t need to book six months out: Petrified Forest Na...
  • Las Cienegas preserves desert south of Tuscon
    28 Dec 2021
    Scenery from Las Cienegas National Conservation Area (BWO photo). Not all BLM land is land nobody wanted. Las Cienegas National Conservation Area in southeast Arizona, 45 miles southeast of Tucson, wa...
  • Rock cairns mark the route, for good or bad
    27 Dec 2021
    The cairn (right) at a mountain summit is always a welcome sight, especially atop Mount Elbert, Colorado’s highest peak (BWO photo). Cairns are one of those both-sides things: I love them when I need ...
  • Wild dogs reveal themselves in Kruger National Park
    26 Dec 2021
    Kruger National Park wild dog (BWO photo). And there they were, African wild dogs. After traipsing through some of east Africa and southern Africa’s most famous wildlife reserves, I hadn’t seen wild d...
  • Rainy days in national park saved by cosy kitchen
    24 Dec 2021
    Sunset at Golden Gate Highlands National Park in South Africa (BWO photo). It was nice to be in a South Africa national park where you can walk. Too bad it rained nearly all the time I was there. The ...
  • Feds to make online the way to go for your bird watching
    23 Dec 2021
    Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge (foreground), Colorado (BWO photo). The devil is in the details. It certainly sounds good that more federal government permits will be available online rather than thr...
  • Ethiopian rock churches control shifts again
    21 Dec 2021
    St. George Church, hewn from rock in Lalibela, Ethiopia (BWO photo). Does what’s happening in Lalibela portend more such developments around the world? The World Heritage Site, situated at 8,200 feet ...
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