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Created 05 Aug 2021
A non-blog about politics, media, and treating personal grudges as ideological conflicts

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The Honourable Schoolboy
11 Nov 2022 30
Adrian Chiles, The Guardian, November 9, 2022
The Local News Hung Up On Me For Asking If They Asked a Doctor Whether You Can Die From Touching Fentanyl
21 Jun 2022 89
It was relatively easy to get the news director of KCTV5 in Kansas City on the line. I am just putting that here for the record, if you happen to be a Kansas City resident. There’s a phone number on t...
What Do Cops Do?
03 Jun 2022 141 5
Lots of very smart (and even more not-so-smart) people have tried, over the years, to answer the question of what cops are for—whether they exist to keep us safe, to fight crime, to protect property, ...
The Unanswered Question
25 May 2022 75 4
Believers in American institutions, and the people who control those institutions, should know that they are forging a generation of Americans with no faith in them. I think many of them do get this o...
Tripping On the Abortion Pill
16 May 2022 5
Manuscripts and Archives Division, The New York Public Library. "Art Is Not Enough [Seize Power through Direct Action]" The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1987 - 1995. Timothy Faust, aut...

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