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Atlanta as cyberpunk dystopia. A true story.
Created 06 Jan 2021
  • One Year In
    05 Apr 2022 9 2
    Me, talking with Dan Whisenhunt of Decaturish at the Good Trouble honors. Photo credit: Sara Amis Subscribe now What a year. On the one hand, I — we — have reasons to celebrate. My work in the Atlanta...
  • We're All Still Pretty Pissed Off
    28 Mar 2022 27 2
    Subscribe now My first instinct was to ignore Will Smith and Chris Rock. Honest. We are awash in hot takes about the privileges of wealth and celebrity, Black women as rhetorical punching bags, Black ...
  • Gangsters In Concert
    25 Mar 2022 4 1
    “I’m throwing a Young Thug concert at State Farm Arena,” said A’lencio Graham to me a couple of days ago. Graham reached out through Instagram. I’ve been getting a lot of weird DMs over the last few d...
  • The Mirtha Ramos Interview
    22 Mar 2022 2 0
    Subscribe now Attorney General Merrick Garland was in town last week and I missed it. Garland was here Thursday to give the DeKalb County police an award for innovative community policing. I had spent...
  • Some Shootings Aren't Random
    18 Mar 2022 8 3
    LaKevia Jackson, who had a child with the rapper Young Thug. Subscribe now A woman was shot dead last night after an argument over a bowling ball. And while that’s true, I think it lacks context. Star...
  • When Poverty Tourists Legislate
    08 Mar 2022 16 2
    Georgia State Sen. Kim Jackson with people experiencing homelessness, at a state capitol ceremony in October. Subscribe now I can give you a whole list of people who are alive today because they got p...
  • The Catchup: Dumping the February Notebook
    02 Mar 2022 11 1
    You may have noticed that I haven’t written anything here in the last two weeks. Forgive me for not warning you about that, but in terms of reporting over the long term, it’s been worth the down time....
  • Scenes From a Cleveland Avenue Barber Shop
    18 Feb 2022 8 1
    Subscribe now “I ain’t going to lie; Allison Court is just a hood-ass community,” said the fellow in the barber chair while a man with clippers shapes up his fade. We were talking about a recent shoot...
  • The Chris Carr Interview
    13 Feb 2022 7 1
    I’m of two minds when I think about gangs in Atlanta. On the one hand, America has a long sordid history of making Black men and immigrants the quintessential public enemy. The way gangs are described...
  • Paying the Blood Price
    08 Feb 2022 11 2
    Subscribe now A police officer is in Grady Hospital bed today, after being shot several times by a criminal fugitive suspect he was trying to arrest. I write this newsletter series to put context to t...
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