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Created 22 Nov 2018
  • Not Having Cancer Is Expensive
    05 Jan 2022 • < 1 min read • 7 3
    by Justin Rosario For the last three months, I have been living under the specter of cancer. After receiving a possible diagnosis of Muir-Torre/Lynch syndrome, a genetic disorder that greatly increase...
  • How The New York Times Helps Normalize Racist Conspiracy Theorists
    04 Jan 2022 • 6 min read • 9 4
    by Ben Cohen The power of the Right wing disinformation machine in America is difficult to articulate to those who live outside of the country. Citizens from other Western democracies have a hard time...
  • Till The Bitter End
    31 Dec 2021 • 2 min read • 12 2
    AL DRAGO/BLOOMBERG NEWS Dearest Banter reader, Under strict orders from my wife, I’ve taken a small break from publishing over the holidays. However, I wanted to write a note before the year’s end to ...
  • The “Pro-Life” Movement Aborts Dignity
    23 Dec 2021 • 8 min read • 9 4
    Image via Healthline by Rich Herschlag As we brace ourselves for a Supreme Court ruling that will probably gut Roe v Wade, I ponder my own rage and try to compartmentalize it into the abstract and the...
  • Do As I Say, Not As I Do
    22 Dec 2021 • 5 min read • 7 5
    Image via Twitter by Ben Cohen Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro are regarded as the conservative movement’s preeminent intellectuals. They are omnipresent on social media and have woven themselves into...
  • Spend The Holidays With Traitors? No Thank You
    21 Dec 2021 • 10 min read • 10 2
    Image: Erik Thayer, Reuters by Justin Rosario It has become something of an annual tradition for me to answer the following question: How do I deal with my MAGA relatives for the holidays? Most advice...
  • The Roundtable Christmas Special!
    19 Dec 2021 • 1 min read • 4 1
    photo by NomadSoul1 Hey everyone, while we will still be posting over the holiday period, this is the last episode of The Banter Roundtable Podcast for 2021. We’re all completely exhausted from the ye...
  • Yes, Joe Biden Will Run Again And There’s A Good Chance He’ll Win
    16 Dec 2021 • 5 min read • 10 7
    Image via Politico by Bob Cesca WASHINGTON, DC – If you’ve seen Raging Bull, the classic based-on-a-true-story Martin Scorsese film about boxer Jake LaMotta, it’s difficult to forget the scene in whic...
  • Why Trump Might Not Run
    15 Dec 2021 • < 1 min read • 15 4
    AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster by Ben Cohen The general consensus in the media seems to be that Donald Trump will run for President again in 2024. Pundits are busy “reporting” on a mythical matchup between T...
  • It Begins With Abortion
    14 Dec 2021 • < 1 min read • 5 2
    Image: @TaylorLorenz‏ via Twitter by Justin Rosario Sometime this summer, most likely in June or July, the Republican extremists on the Supreme Court will end the protections guaranteed by Roe v Wade....
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