The Barber Brief

Alicia Barber
Promoting citizen awareness & engagement in Reno's city development.
Created 15 Dec 2020
  • Public Process in Crisis
    09 Nov 2021 • 19 min read • 10 7
    As longtime readers know, The Barber Brief rests on the fundamental premise that public engagement is critical to a functioning city. A healthy system of public engagement demonstrates a city’s commit...
  • City Council's Baffling Approval of the Jacobs Development Agreement
    23 Oct 2021 • 17 min read • 1 4
    In my past few posts, I’ve been writing about the City’s proposed Development Agreement (DA) with Jacobs Entertainment, which was hastily scheduled for an October 13 City Council meeting, despite the ...
  • The Jacobs Development Agreement needs more public input
    12 Oct 2021 • 14 min read • 4 2
    I’m posting this Brief with a bit of urgency. In my October 3 post, I asked the City to release the Development Agreement (DA) with Jacobs Entertainment that is scheduled for consideration at City Cou...
  • Jumping the Gun with Jacobs
    04 Oct 2021 • 8 min read • 4 0
    Happy fall, everyone, and apologies for the extended time between posts. In addition to my historical consulting work, I teach an online graduate course in Nonfiction Writing for ASU twice a year, but...
  • What’s the Future of Virginia Street?
    07 Sep 2021 • 12 min read • 4 1
    Believe it or not, it’s almost time for another Reno City Council meeting, coming up this Wednesday, September 8. You can view the complete agenda and materials here. There are two items (E.1 & E.2) t...
  • August 25, 2021 Reno City Council Preview & More
    24 Aug 2021 • 7 min read • 2 1
    As I write this, I want to send out my very best wishes for the health and safety of all those suffering from the horrible California wildfires and the dense smoke that’s choking our region, with part...
  • A Post-Council Analysis: Selling City Parcels to Jacobs Entertainment
    08 Aug 2021 • 15 min read • 7 2
    I hope this finds all of you safe and well. I’ll be closing this post with a quick preview of the development-related projects on tap for discussion by City Council on August 11. But before that I hav...
  • Sales & abandonments of City property
    26 Jul 2021 • 13 min read • 3 12
    Like finding a $20 bill underneath your sofa cushion, Reno City Council is back with a bonus meeting this coming Wednesday, July 28. They’ll return to alternating weeks with the Planning Commission af...
  • Public Spaces and Public Places
    17 Jul 2021 • 15 min read • 2 2
    Well, howdy, strangers! I’ve been out of town for a few weeks, on a rollicking road trip through some of my favorite western cities including Salt Lake, Santa Fe, Tucson, San Diego, and Austin, TX. In...
  • Renderings vs. Reality
    24 Jun 2021 • 8 min read
    With Reno City Council still on its summer hiatus and no Planning Commission meeting this week, I thought I’d take a moment to discuss something that plays a large (and largely under-examined) role in...
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