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Created 12 Dec 2021
  • Why did I buy a Forest Land???
    23 Jun 2022 1 0
    After several months in Axieverse, I finally decided to buy my first Land! I am the owner of a beautiful forest land, just next to the road and next to a big pink node. WHY DID I BUY IT? For several m...
  • If you want to be lucky, use my Lunacian Code!
    02 Jun 2022
    Haaaaaaaaaa today is the big day!! We finally have the first test of Lunacian Code! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know! I didn’t write anything in the last month but suddenly I am writing a new article. As a go...
  • Let's build a different AXS Season Reward system!
    25 Apr 2022 3 5
    I know, i know! It’s been a long time i didn’t write anything on this substack. There are several reasons. First of all, i am not a top player so i really don’t care talking about cards, theory craft,...
  • AxieLeaks with Shade, episode 6!
    31 Mar 2022 7 4
    As the channel mod, i have to say that the last days were not easy and pretty tiring. We all discovered that Ronin Bridge were exploited and the hacker took a huge part of ETH/USDC, more than 500 mill...
  • New marketplace released! More cards, more effects!
    29 Mar 2022 5 0
    We knew it! We knew that this week will be pretty busy. We got an announcement about players doing win-trading/draw-trading during Season 20. Hard consequences but necessary as they got AXS rewards re...
  • AxieLeaks with Shade, episode 5!
    28 Mar 2022 3 0
    We all smell it! We start a new week and we all have this feeling that Origin is just around the corner. Of course, we won’t have the complete Origin game but we only want one thing here : discover th...
  • AxieLeaks with Shade, episode 4!
    24 Mar 2022 7 2
    War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sith Lord, Count Dooku. There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere….. Damn! I think I launched the wrong movie! We are back in Axie...
  • Axie Builder Program : Ogami Conquest!
    21 Mar 2022 5 0
    Hello Ogami Conquest, welcome to The Guillotine Post and thanks a lot for your time ! Last week, we talked about a Tower Defense game that will join the Axieverse and today we will talk about a comple...
  • AxieLeaks with Shade, episode 3!
    16 Mar 2022 8 5
    Aaaaaaand we’re back again! Yesterday, while i was destroying some teams in Arena, we got the leak of horn cards! I won’t talk about theory crafting or which card i like, because it doesn’t give anyth...
  • Axie Builder Program : Axieology Tower Defense!
    15 Mar 2022 3 0
    Hello Axieology, I am really happy to welcome you to The Guillotine Post ! For several weeks now, players are getting excited about Axie Origin but also about the Axie Builders Program. We got some le...
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