The Influence

Elizabeth Schere
Soft Power is everywhere. Le Soft Power est partout.
Created 09 Aug 2021
  • The Waning Soft Power of Vogue
    03 Dec 2021 1 0
    This week’s title will probably raise more than a couple of eyebrows. What thread is there to weave between soft power and the currently contested Bible of fashion? There is no denying that, until a d...
  • Could Thanksgiving BE anymore American?
    23 Nov 2021
    THE REAL MCCOY, AMERICAN GROCERY STORE IN PARIS 7TH “Bonjour! Would you happen to have a turkey?” – “Sure! What do you need? Is this for Thanksgiving?” This is how all of my exchanges with Parisian bu...
  • The Real Soft Power of the UAE?
    10 Nov 2021
    Last week, I wrote about soft power in opposition to cultural imperialism. The week before that, I set it up against sharp power and propaganda. In my attempt to define it, I have compared it to relat...
  • Trick or Treat! Halloween : Cultural Imperialism or Soft Power?
    03 Nov 2021
    A Monoprix supermarket in Paris’s 18th Arrondissement. Photo courtesy of Sutanya Dacres. When we think of Halloween, an obvious glossary of terms comes to mind : ghouls and goblins, monsters and ghost...
  • The Soft Power of Israeli Series
    25 Oct 2021
    It goes without saying that the latest international pop culture sensation is the South Korean dystopian drama Squid Games. It is now Netflix’s biggest ever series launch. However, unlike every single...
  • AUKUS? More like Ruckus.
    11 Oct 2021
    The name on everybody’s lips lately has been AUKUS - the strategic military alliance between Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Its objective? To counter China’s RISK-like build up ...
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?
    28 Sep 2021
    I have been thinking a lot about narratives lately. The stories we tell ourselves and how we choose to tell them: what we include, highlight, embellish, or omit entirely. And by we, I don’t just mean ...
  • Rethinking Soft Power
    09 Aug 2021
    Soft power has gone from a full-fledged poli-sci concept created by Joseph Nye to a short-hand for any and all attempts by nations to control their narrative, polish their public image, and create a s...
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