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Created 28 Feb 2021
  • Breaking away from cyclicality
    04 Apr 2022 5 2
    “I leave it to you, friends and neighbors, and especially to the immortal Kilgore Trout: think about the silly ways money gets passed around now, and then think up better ways.” - Kurt Vonnegut Old mo...
  • The decomposition of attention
    23 Mar 2022 30 6
    A day in my life Introduction I’d like to begin by thanking @ABTestingalpha and @Galois_Capital for inspiring me to write this article. I was impressed by both Galois Capital’s report on the market (l...
  • Methodenstreit
    19 Mar 2022 26 5
    Introduction Figured I would try and start finishing draft ideas I’ve had saved on my substack. Wasn’t able to get nearly as much writing done over spring break as I’d hoped, but I enjoy the act of pu...
  • The Golden Bullrun
    18 Mar 2022 49 4
    Introduction It’s been a while since my last post. I’d like to start by thanking everyone for helping me hit the insane milestone of 4,000 subscribers, something I’d have never imagined possible less ...
  • An argument for DeFi 3.0
    23 Feb 2022 46 7
    * Before I begin, I’d like to thank @LordBogdanoff for coming up with this concept & @0xSami_ for fleshing out his thoughts in this wonderful article. Also, huge shoutout to @0xcarnation for reading t...
  • A reimagining of society
    19 Feb 2022 19 2
    Snow crash comes to life Neal Stephenson first coined the term ‘metaverse’ in his famous 1992 sci-fi novel ‘Snow Crash’. Thirty years later, the entire world is now aware of some vague idea of a metav...
  • The meaning of anonymity
    18 Feb 2022 28 4
    Smile for the camera To be, or not to be (anon)? I go through periods of having a lot to say and having almost nothing to say. Crypto Twitter has exacerbated this problem, as I’ve felt required to say...
  • It's all a dark forest
    13 Feb 2022 25 0
    MEV warlords versus naive anons paying $150 a transaction on eth mainnet * I realize that I took too long to publish this & nobody on the timeline has been talking about MEV. It is what it is, enjoy. ...
  • Most exclusive club in the metaverse
    27 Jan 2022 48 11
    The incel’s Studio 54 The beginning With the announcement of Blackrock releasing some kind of Bitcoin ETF, I knew I had to hop back on this website to write. You’ve heard a million different influenza...
  • Some thoughts on [Redacted]
    27 Jan 2022 25 3
    Introduction After recent market volatility has put a damper on OlympusDAO’s growth and position in a burgeoning DeFi landscape, [Redacted] aims to resurrect its $BTRFLY token with some new strategies...
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