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Created 14 Mar 2021
  • My walk from Boadilla to Carrion on the Camino Frances
    05 Jul 2022about 18 hours ago 1 0
    It’s already six days ago that I walked from the tiny village of Boadilla to Carrion de los Condes. So it is high time to update you on the progress I make on my Camino. If you are here for the video,...
  • Walking the Camino de Santiago: from Hontanas to Boadilla
    28 Jun 2022 13 10
    Another day full of impressions to share. I find that walking on the Meseta is very different from crossing the diverse landscapes of the first parts of the Camino Frances. But I like the long stretch...
  • Walking the camino de Santiago: Burgos to Hontanas
    27 Jun 2022 13 19
    Today, I walked from the beautiful city of Burgos to the village of Hontanas. I shared some impressions on this video about my hikes during the Camino de Santiago Please subscribe to this newsletter i...
  • Walking the Camino: from Agès to Burgos
    26 Jun 2022 10 13
    Today, I arrived in Burgos, and I made this video impression for you. Please support this project by taking a subscription: Subscribe now Or perhaps you would like to buy me a coffee: If you would lik...
  • Walking the Camino de Santiago: Villambistia
    25 Jun 2022 19 8
    Writing or making video productions while walking “the Way of St James” is not always possible. So for today, I send you an “Alexnote”. This is a memory from the tiny village of Villiambistia. I passe...
  • Walking the Camino de Santiago: Logroño to Nájera
    24 Jun 2022 13 13
    I hope you will enjoy this video of my walk from Logroño to Nájera, through the Rioja winefields where I passed charming villages with spectacular churches. Subscribe now If you want to buy me a coffe...
  • Logroño
    23 Jun 2022 19 0
    It’s not always possible to write. Walking is like a full-time activity, especially if you add the time needed for all kinds of related logistics. Meanwhile, I have a few more pictures of Logroño to s...
  • Forest fires on the Camino
    22 Jun 2022 12 0
    After a day of uncertainty, it became clear that walking on the Camino between Pamplona and Logroño was not possible, and not allowed, due to the risks of forest fire. I went by car to Logroño, nearly...
  • A day in Pamplona
    21 Jun 2022 18 22
    Pamplona (all photos: Alexander Verbeek) I stayed a day in Pamplona and waited to hear if the way to Santiago would be open for pilgrims. Only towards the evening it became clear that no walking was a...
  • Camino de Santiago: Hiking from Zubiri to Pamplona
    21 Jun 2022 12 19
    This is the video of my hike from Zubiri to Pamplona. Another beautiful walk on the Camino de Santiago. Enjoy! Your support really helps: Subscribe now If you want to buy me a coffee Share Leave a com...
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