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The Profile
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Created 15 Apr 2018

The Profile: The mega-rich who want to live forever & TikTok’s fast food stars

27 Nov 2022
Good morning, friends! This is my favorite time of year because it’s all about reflection. You get to look back on the year that’s passed and create goals for the year ahead. As I thought about 2022, ...

The Profile Dossier (Throwback): Anthony Bourdain, the World's Most Beloved Chef

23 Nov 2022 3
For the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ll be publishing a popular Profile throwback. Today’s Profile Dossier is a reader favorite — and if you’re new here, you may have missed it. There are many lessons in t...

The Profile: The press baron of the digital age & the grittiest actor in Hollywood

20 Nov 2022 1
Good morning friends, My daughter turned 1 this weekend (!), so I took the time to revisit the post I wrote in January — only two months after she was born. I remember writing it in those a fog of sle...

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