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We listen to crypto podcasts, we write notes, we share them.
Created 01 Jul 2021
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  • Floor is Rising - Generative Art Part 1
    18 Sep 2021about 9 hours ago • 6 min read
    Primer: In this article, we share 3 pod summaries from the podcast Floor is Rising, where the host Sabretooth and Kizu talk about the prominent generative artists that they found interesting. This is ...
  • CustomSwap™ by Boot Finance
    17 Sep 20211 day ago • 3 min read
    Medium Article written for Boot Finance Steel or Silver sword? We’re great fans of the Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski. It is an epic fantasy tale of monsters and magic, set in the medieval-ish wo...
  • CryptoVantage - Play to Earn & Crypto Gaming with Leah Callon-Butler & Beryl Li
    16 Sep 2021 • 6 min read
    Primer: Join Jennifer Sanasie, host of CryptoVantage, as she interviews Leah Callon-Butler and Beryl Li about the play to earn phenomenon sweeping across the world. Leah is the screenwriter and presen...
  • Zima Red ep 76: Donnie Dinch
    15 Sep 2021 • 5 min read
    Primer: Donnie Dinch is the CEO of Bitski, a platform where people can create, buy, and sell NFTs. He returns to the Zima Red Podcast to share updates on his project and his thoughts on NFTs, the Meta...
  • Zima Red ep 55: Bitcoin Benny
    14 Sep 2021 • 5 min read
    Primer: Bitcoin Benny has a large dream. His RedFOX Labs is creating an entire ecosystem that comprises a metaverse, a gaming division, a virtual shopping space, an e-commerce live streaming platform,...
  • $BOOT Token Generation Event
    13 Sep 2021 • 3 min read
    Medium Article written for Boot Finance Introduction Many crypto projects conduct a 1-time public sale of their tokens at inception. Plenty of marketing and market timing is involved. The rationale is...
  • Talking Crypto #62 - Coopahtroopa
    11 Sep 2021 • 12 min read • 1 0
    Primer: Join Gabriel Haines as he interviews Cooper Turley. Cooper spends most of his time around Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and he is the subject matter expert in all things DAO. H...
  • Zima Red ep 75: Sarutobi Sasuke
    10 Sep 2021 • 7 min read
    Primer: Sarutobi Sasuke is the Head of Partnerships at Yield Guild Games (YGG) and the Founder of BlackPool Academy. He is a competitive Axie Infinity player, having ranked high on the leaderboards. I...
  • The Metaverse Podcast - Documenting the Early Metaverse, with Benjamin Bertram Goldman of InVision
    09 Sep 2021 • 7 min read
    Primer: Join Jamie Burke in this episode of The Metaverse Podcast as he interviews Benjamin Bertram Goldman. Benjamin is the Group Creative Director and Head of Films at InVision. In this podcast, he ...
  • Talking Crypto #61 - Chichi From Degen'$ Farm
    08 Sep 2021 • 4 min read
    Primer: Chichi is the founder of Degen'$ Farm, a gamified NFT collectible project. In this episode of Talking Crypto, he shares with Gabriel Haines his background, how he entered the crypto space, and...